‘Sanity May Prevail’: Megyn on Police Finally Taking Action Against Anti-Israel and Anti-America Brats on Campuses

AP Photo/Craig Ruttle

It was an unbelievable night on America’s college campuses as police were called to break-up ugly clashes and eject protesters who have been disrupting universities for far too long.


Overnight, at UCLA, bloody fighting broke out between pro- and anti-Israel demonstrators. It followed days of skirmishes after campus police had reportedly been told to stand down even as Jewish students were denied entry to the campus for classes they have paid for. That’s what happens when you give over your campus to a bunch of people calling for the Jews to die. People get upset.

Finally, the campus requested help from the Los Angeles Police Department who arrived on the scene to cheers from pro-Israel supporters. 

We also received this from a source out in California. A mom called UCLA security because her child was trying to get to class but did not feel safe. Take a listen.

We reached out to the school for comment but have not heard back. But we know that authorities were given a stand down order. They were told not to intervene in any of these situations. They were told, ‘don’t help them.’


On the other coast, in New York City, Columbia administrators finally had enough. After months of coddling these brats, Columbia President Nemat “Minouche” Shafik – she’s done, by the way – wrote to the New York City Police Department and said all this chaos poses a “clear and present danger.” She was basically begging police to show up. 

And show up they did. The NYPD, using a large vehicle with a ramp, sent officers through a second floor window of the ‘occupied’ Hamilton Hall where they rounded up the protesters and found an absolute mess inside. Windows were shattered. Barricades were built. Furniture was overturned. It was very insurrection-y.

But not everyone is happy the NYPD took action. Far-left politicians like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) are outraged. As an aside, is she really a politician or is she just a camera whore? That’s really what she is. She has never seen a camera she doesn’t like. She is just posing as a politician so she can get attention. 

In any event, she warned this intervention was a nightmare in the making, saying if any “kid” is hurt, it falls on the mayor and university presidents. And yet, there were reportedly no injuries to those adults. They are not ‘kids.’ 

All in all, nearly 100 people were arrested. They will face charges, but it remains to be seen if Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg will actually prosecute any of these brats.

Sanity May Prevail

Through all of this, there are glimmers of hope that sanity may prevail on some college campuses. 

Yesterday, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill started to look a lot like Columbia. Anti-Israel protesters briefly replaced the American flag with the Palestinian one while chanting the usual lines. 

But school leaders, police, and fellow students were not having it. They marched onto the lawn – even while getting water thrown at them – and raised the American flag back to its rightful place as chants of “USA! USA!” broke out. Student Guillermo Estrada filmed a bit of it:

Right on boys, that’s how it is done. 

Not for nothing, but all the young men putting the stars and stripes back up to where they belong were attractive, strapping men. They were appropriately dressed with good haircuts. And they are lovers of America. I’m telling you, following up on my theory yesterday, it’s no accident! The good-looking guys are living their lives, they love America, and America loves them.

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