Megyn Calls Out Anti-Israel Agitators Getting Cupcake Deliveries While ‘Occupying’ Columbia Campus Buildings

Michael M. Santiago/Pool Photo via AP

Overnight, a mob broke into one of the academic buildings on the Columbia University campus in New York City and now they are occupying it. It’s Occupy Columbia now! And the university’s only response so far has been to tell students and staff to avoid the campus. Do not collect the benefit of your bargain. Stay home. There’ll be no learning here. 

Occupy Columbia

Shortly before 1am on Tuesday, protesters using metal barricades, chairs, tables, and hammers took over Hamilton Hall – named after Alexander Hamilton. 

They then unfurled a banner symbolizing a renaming of the building to Hinds Hall, named after a six-year-old Palestinian girl in Gaza. Notably absent from their new names were any of the American hostages who are still sitting in some underground tunnels in Gaza, missing limbs, having been potentially raped and tortured.

Scenes captured overnight show students slamming doors with tables to make their way in. At some point, a maintenance worker was seen trying to stop the protesters all by himself. At no point were the police called. Reporters on the scene saw zero pushback from authorities. 

The student group behind the attack posted on social media that Hamilton Hall had been taken over by an “autonomous group of Columbia community members.” What does that mean? The group said they plan to remain in the building until the university conceded this fight entirely. So far, that hasn’t happened. But they’ll probably cave. I mean, there’s only like a month to go and Columbia has no spine. 

Yesterday, a deadline set by Columbia’s president for the encampment to be disbanded came in went and now the school is vowing to suspend the students inside the encampment, but it seems they want to hand out the punishments in private so as not to embarrass the little snowflakes who are acting so tough. 

The encampment’s leader, who was reportedly already suspended but remains on campus, took the letter and wrote “Columbia will burn” in red marker. Also, “I ain’t reading all that free Palestine.” I’m telling you, they are dumb and or unattractive. Take it to the bank.

Cupcake Delivery

And this just in. Students who are sympathetic to the pro-Palestinian protesters are apparently using some sort of a rope pulley system to deliver goods up to the students who have taken over this hall, including – you cannot make this up – tins of cupcakes.

You could argue cupcakes are appropriate given the nature of these folks. But I would say, given my theory that only the unattractive or dumb people are the ones who are doing this kind of protesting, you should send some cover-up and some Ozempic. They would be a smarter and more useful delivery to the protesters.

All Talk, No Action

The New York Times is now reporting Columbia has announced the students occupying Hamilton Hall will face expulsion. “We made it very clear yesterday that the work of the university cannot be endlessly interrupted by protesters who violated the rules,” said a spokesman in a statement. “Continuing to do so will be met with clear consequences.”

This is not even coming from the president herself, and it’s more warning, no action. Basically, nothing is happening. I mean, how much more do they have to do before the message is: You are expelled? It has been all empty threats, and they aren’t listening.  

It’s truly like a parent who says, ‘I really mean it this time. You put down that toy, or mommy’s going to punish you even though I didn’t punish you the previous three times.’


Meantime, on the other side of the country, there were disturbing scenes at UCLA. Deeply disturbing scenes. I couldn’t believe this video went everywhere online yesterday. This is truly shocking. 

A Jewish student shared footage on social media showing himself trying to use the university’s main entrance through a bunch of these losers standing shoulder to shoulder, I guess, in solidarity with Hamas. They are preventing a Jewish American from accessing his university. The young man the Jewish man is wearing a visible Star of David necklace. Watch this:

They blocked him. These feckless protesters with their masks on – it’s the same people who insisted we mask forever during COVID, common thread – wouldn’t let him in. 

In another video taken at UCLA showing a masked woman chasing down a counter-protester – somebody who is speaking up for Israel and Jewish people – hitting him on the head and then pointing something at him that appears to be a taser.

He got attacked. He was being shoved. He said “stop, stop, stop.” And then the pro-Palestinian lady whips out a taser.

The Net-Net

God bless these independent journalists and students who are documenting all of this. Thank you to all of them. 

So, to recap: The protesters get to ram into universities, ransack them, claim academic halls for themselves, rename them, restrict the movements of others on campus, and prevent them from attending class, all without any swift repercussions whatsoever.

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