The Strudwick File: Strud Cleans Up

In the wake of all the messes our dear Strudwick has created recently (you can take a trip down memory lane here, here, and here), he decided to switch things up this week.

Rather than leave a mess for someone else – ahem, Megyn – to clean up, it appears as though Strud tried to do a little spring cleaning of his own. He grabbed a box of Ziploc bags that were (mistakenly) left out and took them to the living room, presumably to do some tidying up.

The only problem? He apparently had a bit of trouble getting the plastic bags out of the box, which led to a clean up on aisle three and his best impersonation of Cousin Eddie’s Rottweiler Snots. “He is hacking in the same manner as the gross dog from Christmas Vacation – a loud, guttural, jarring, phlegmy hack that it seems like we will be living with for a while,” Megyn shared.

Hate to break it to you, Strud, but no good deed goes unpunished.

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