The Strudwick File: I Spy – Strudwick Snack Edition

As you may have heard Megyn tease on The Megyn Kelly Show last week, Strudwick got into the pantry… again. For those wondering, the pantry does in fact have a door on it, but – like most doors – it can only do its job of keeping unwanted guests out if someone remembers to close it.

Fortunately for Strudwick and unfortunately for Megyn, the pantry door was left open and our ever-eager pup wasted no time making the most of the mistake.

The pictures above and below show most of the damage that was done, plus some of Strudwick’s actual chew toys. But rather than simply tell you what he taste-tested, we thought we’d let you see how much you can identify on your own. It’s a little I Spy – Strudwick Snack Edition, if you will.

Think you’ve got your guess? Keep scrolling for the results…

“That’s fried onions, croutons, pumpkin seeds, an entire bag of shredded coconut, lentils, pinto beans,” Megyn shared. “He tried some coffee and corn meal as well as bread crumbs… the list goes on.”

Thank you for playing along! Until next time.

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