Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Attempt Yet Another ‘Rebrand’ with Bizarre New Website

AP Photo/Matt Dunham, Pool

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem to be revamping their image… again. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex quietly launched a new website this week that, thus far, reintroduces the pair.

On Tuesday’s show, Megyn was joined by Daily Mail columnist Maureen Callahan to discuss the latest Sussex rebrand and what the future holds for the former royals.

Sussex 2.0 had served as the home for all things Harry and Meghan since they gave up their royal duties in 2020, but the website now features a pop-up that encourages users to visit a different site.

“This site was established in 2020 and sets out the work streams of Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex prior to their move to the United States,” the pop-up reads. “To learn more about the Royal couple and their philanthropic endeavours, click here.”

Clicking the link opens the new and improved, which features a glam shot of the duo and teases “the office of Prince Harry & Meghan.” As of now, the website has bios of the couple and links to their Archewell Foundation and Archewell Productions.

There may not be a lot of content available, but what is there certainly says a lot. “Everyone’s favorite royals are at it again with a rebrand,” Megyn said. “They’ve launched a new website, and the reason it’s making news is because we get a window into how a couple sees themselves.” 

The general ‘about’ page states that Harry and Markle are “shaping the future through business and philanthropy.” Prince Harry’s bio calls him a “humanitarian, military veteran, mental health advocate, and environmental campaigner,” who “has dedicated his adult life to advancing causes that he is passionate about and that advance permanent change for people and places.”

Markle, meanwhile, leads with the fact that she “is a feminist and champion of human rights and gender equity.” According to the bio, “her lifelong advocacy for women and girls remains a constant thread in her humanitarian and business ventures” and she “hopes to be a cultural catalyst for positive change, reflecting her core belief that representation matters, and that communities can be enhanced through learning, healing, and inspirational support.”

Megyn, for one, wasn’t buying it. “I realize she wants us to believe this, but you and I have been watching her ridiculous podcast, and behavior, and attacks on Kate Middleton long enough to know she’s a feminist only so long as it helps her look good,” she said. “But she wants us to believe she only lifts up the young women.”

Royal Fail?

As Callahan noted, this is not the first time the Sussexes have tried to rehab their image. “I’m trying to figure out the rebrand to the rebrand to the rebrand  to the rebrand,” she explained. “The link is also then links to, which Queen Elizabeth told them to stop using immediately when she was still alive.”

She said this dovetails to the spectacle they created last week in the wake of Buckingham Palace announcing King Charles’ cancer diagnosis. “A couple of days after Prince Harry was sort of shunned back to the United States after his very brief summit with King Charles, Meghan was shot by the paparazzi in her Range Rover smiling dementedly like this week had been such a great win for them,” she explained. “As if brand Sussex had not been thoroughly shut out by the royals.”

Reports indicate Harry’s last minute trip to the U.K. was his idea and tolerated – not encouraged – by the palace. “If you’ve ever known anybody who’s had a catastrophic illness, really the priority is what that person wants, not what the loved ones feel they must do,” Callahan said. “But then suddenly the headline became ‘Harry Rushes Home’ and it makes it look dire, it makes it look like he has access.”

Ultimately, Callahan thinks the couple is getting a glimpse of what comes next as they try to remain relevant. “I think we got a preview of what Harry and Meghan’s life is going to be like under a King William… They’ll be completely shut out. They will not be welcome,” she concluded. “The message could not have been clearer to Harry and Meghan: You are not needed, nor are you wanted.” 

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