The Strudwick File: The Package Protection Program, Part III

We love a good follow up here at The Strudwick File – and, boy, do we have one for you this week.

If you are a regular reader, you may remember that Megyn and Doug had to take special measures to protect their packages while they were at their beach house over the summer:

Things didn’t exactly go according to plan because the delivery people didn’t always follow the instructions on the sign. And there is now another installment of this saga.

Strudwick has been back in Connecticut for several months and just recently, in Megyn’s words, “re-discovered his excitement” for unboxing. She found him on the porch recently opening up a few different packages:

On the left, you’ll see what was left of Megyn’s gluten-free granola. Yes, he ate the entire bag (and, yes, he also desecrated what was left of the infamous fall decorations). On the right, you will see a tub of concealer… with a huge chunk taken out of it. “He also ate the concealer,” Megyn added.

It’s safe to say a second sign might be in order.

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