The Strudwick File: Lock It Up

Strudwick had one last weekend at the beach before returning home and decided to show off some new, um, tricks that Megyn is no doubt hoping he forgets before next summer.

We know Strud likes to chew things up (think: newspapers, deliveries, wooden spoons to name a few). Most of the time, he gets ahold of them because they are accidentally left out – but not this time.

Strudwick has apparently figured out how to open cabinets now and was thrilled to discover… votive candles??

Locks may be in order for next year, though they only work if people remember to use them. Case in point: Strudwick found leftover Stromboli in the pantry, which was then enjoyed by him and his sister Thunder.

If you are wondering what makes this late night snack any different from all the others Strud has feasted on this summer, allow Megyn to explain. “He found it in the pantry, which has a lock because of him,” she shared. “But the lock doesn’t work when the kids leave the door wide open.”

It’s safe to say a change of scenery can’t come soon enough. “Thank God we are going back to Connecticut,” Megyn concluded.

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