The Strudwick File: Looks Can Be Deceiving

If you take a look at the photo above of Strudwick enjoying his sweet slumber, you might wonder how such a snuggly pup could ever be so naughty. And yet, we’ve got a triple dose of trouble for you this week.

For starters, Strud discovered the garbage can in the laundry room and, as Megyn said, he “found gold dumpster diving for treasure”:

While “gold” may be a relative term, we have no doubt Strud had a good time.

Next up, Strudwick stumbled upon an old favorite. As we’ve covered, he has a taste for timber and likes to snack on pencils, firewood, and, yes, wooden kitchen spoons. Someone accidentally left one out, and Strud didn’t miss his chance to chow down:

Last but not least, Strudwick was apparently really eager to get the humidifier cleaned because he decided to unbox the cleanser himself:

Strud caused quite a bit of chaos this week, but, returning to that first photo, Megyn couldn’t get past the fact that “he looks so innocent!” As the saying goes, appearances can be deceiving.

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