The Strudwick File: Duck, Duck, Turtle

Megyn and her family are at the beach for the summer, and it appears as though the ever-rambunctious Strudwick is already trying to make the most of the seasonal digs.

There is different wildlife for Strud to engage with at the shore than there is in Connecticut, which has led to some – shall we say – fraught moments for Megyn. First up, there is a family of turtles living in the pool filter.

Needless to say, our four-legged friend discovered said turtles and decided to give them a scare. While Megyn said the reptiles had “about two seconds to live” once Strud jumped into the pool (something he is not allowed to do), they managed to survive by out-swimming him until Megyn and her kids could get him out of the water.

But Strudwick was immediately onto his next adventure. He saw a duck tending to its eggs in the bushes and charged the nest, which sent the duck flying to save itself. Again, no animals were harmed in the making of this Strudwick File because Megyn was able to corral Strud before any further damage was done.

The word “nightmare” has been used more than once to describe Strudwick’s behavior so far this summer, but we are going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he is just trying to make some new friends. For the sake of all of the creatures living at and around Megyn’s home, let’s hope that is the case 😅

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