The Strudwick File: All Dressed Up

Megyn and her family are on vacation, which means Strudwick and his sister Thunder are at home with their dog sitter (inquiring minds should note the pups are not being watched by Doug’s sister, who is no doubt still recovering after last month’s dog sitting drama).

As you may recall from some of Megyn’s previous trips, Strud and Thunder’s sitter likes to have a little fun with our four-legged friends by dressing them up in some adorable ensembles (see exhibit A) and she did not disappoint this time around.

First up, we have Sir Strud who is looking love-ly with his heart-adorned accessories that we’re sure Megyn prefers to the Pride-themed bandana he came home from doggy daycare sporting last week.

Not to be outdone, sweet Thunder looked ready for a picnic in the park in her bespectacled, flower power-inspired look:

And because she is so darn cute, here is one more snap without the summery sunnies:

Do we think that bow would work in human hair? Asking for a friend…

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