Pride Month Celebrations Have Now Made Their Way into… Megyn’s Dog’s Daycare?!

At this point we probably don’t need to tell you that June is Pride Month. Walk into any store or open any marketing email, and you will be inundated with rainbow-colored merchandise and virtue signaling allegedly in support of the LGBTQ+ community. 

In case you needed confirmation that Pride festivities have taken over every corner of society, Megyn’s dog Strudwick just had his own run-in. Yes, her dog.

“Strudwick, my very naughty but lovable dog, goes to daycare a couple days a week just so his sister Thunder can have a break from him,” Megyn shared on Tuesday’s show. “He is just so much. He chews her ears all day, so we thought she could use a break from him.”

Monday is one of Strud’s doggie daycare days, and it also happened to be the first Monday of June. Can you see where this is going?

“He went to daycare, not gaycare and came back with rainbow hearts on lollipop sticks all around his little neck,” Megyn quipped. “I object… I really don’t want him participating in the propaganda campaign.”

Dave Rubin said it is proof of just how out of control activist culture has gotten. “Do you see how insane they have made everything,” he asked. “You literally sent your dog to daycare.”

Megyn agreed. “I’m going to have to speak to them,” she concluded. “I didn’t agree to any of this.”

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