Megyn Sounds Off on Kim Kardashian’s New Magazine Cover and ‘Nepo Baby’ North West

AP Photo/Ashley Landis

Another day, another series of unflattering headlines for Kim Kardashian.

The 43 year old is obviously no stranger to the small screen – her long-running reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians just premiered its latest season – but a new magazine cover bestowing the title of “actor” on her appears to be a bridge too far for many. 

In a similar vein, critics are crying nepotism after Kardashian and ex-husband Kanye West’s eldest daughter, North West, was cast in a star-studded production of The Lion King despite her lack of credentials.

On Tuesday’s show, Megyn was joined by Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report, to talk about the controversies and what they say about pop culture today.

The Variety Cover

Variety revealed the cover stars of its new ‘Actors on Actors’ edition of the magazine on Monday, and they include Hollywood heavyweights like Robert Downey Jr., Jodie Foster, Jon Hamm, and Jennifer Aniston. Also honored? Kardashian.


The SKIMS founder was joined by Oscar nominee Chloë Sevigny ⁠on her cover, which was widely panned on social media. “She’s getting blowback because… Chloë Sevigny is an actual accomplished actress who has won awards and is, I think, generally regarded as one of the top acting talents that we have,” Megyn noted. “What is Kim Kardashian doing on screen left?”

Kardashian is seemingly being acknowledged for her recent role in FX’s American Horror Story: Delicate, in which she played brash publicist Siobhan Corbyn. Her previous credits include playing herself in films like Ocean’s Eight and voice work in the PAW Patrol movies.

While AHS is being dubbed Kardashian’s ‘breakthrough’ role, Megyn said there is no denying how she became a household name. “She became famous by getting banged on camera,” she said. “I’m sorry, but that is what happened.”

It was announced late last year that the mom of four would star in a new Ryan Murphy legal drama for Hulu (the platform behind her reality show) as a successful divorce lawyer and the owner of an all-female law firm. 

“I’m telling you, this is a bridge too far,” Megyn said. “Like it’s one thing to see her enormous ass in The New York Post because I understand they are trying to sell newspapers, but what’s next? She is going to be on the cover of Nature next to one of our Nobel scientists? She is going to be on the cover of Politico next to Trump? This is ridiculous.”

The Lion King

Megyn lamented that media outlets have become so “obsessed with clicks” that they will “put anything on these covers and celebrate them like they are Mother Teresa,” and it appears Hollywood itself isn’t immune to it either. 

Kardashian and West’s daughter North landed the prestigious role of Young Simba in a special thirtieth anniversary concert production of The Lion King at the Hollywood Bowl late last month. The 10 year old, who performed a rendition of “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King,” was cast alongside stage and screen stars like Jennifer Hudson, Nathan Lane, Jeremy Irons, and more.

Kardashian documented the event from her daughter’s dressing room backstage, while West, Kris Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and Travis Barker reportedly watched from the audience. Given all the conversations around so-called ‘nepo babies’ (i.e. the children of famous people) as of late, critics were quick to brand North’s casting as such.

Rubin was inclined to agree but said that is where we are as a society. “The Kardashians have actually built an industry based on just being famous, and it is something that has just been able to feed itself relentlessly,” he said. “Hollywood and producers are probably like, ‘There’s all these clicks, and there’s all these views, and suddenly we sold out the Hollywood Bowl.’”

While Megyn said there is no doubt about the “nepo baby situation” happening here, she took issue with the parenting. “Look, I am a public person and I certainly don’t want my kids to not get opportunities because I have chosen this life,” she said. “But nor would I feel comfortable exploiting the fact that people know who I am to insert my already enormously privileged kid into a role.”

Ultimately, Megyn does not think the casting was based on merit. “She was not well-suited for [the role],” she concluded. “The nepo baby situation that is happening here with double billionaire parents so that this kid could get this role that could have gone to somebody else – and, honestly, should have gone to somebody else – is infuriating.”

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