You Have to See the NSFW ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Clip that Still Has Megyn and Doug Laughing


There is a lot of serious stuff going on in the world, but sometimes you just need a laugh. That is especially true on a Friday heading into a long weekend, and Megyn came prepared.

During her interview with Jesse Kelly, host of TheFirstTV’s I’m Right, Megyn played a now-viral clip from a recent Wheel of Fortune episode in which a contestant took a NSFW guess at the answer to a puzzle.

The X-Rated Guess

Wheel of Fortune contestant Tavaris shot to internet stardom on Thursday night after he very confidently made a rather explicit guess at the show’s opening puzzle.

The contestants were tasked with deciphering a phrase as quickly as possible as letters randomly appeared on the board. The four-letter phrase looked like this when Tavaris took his naughty guess:

_ _ _ _   _N  T_E  _ _ _T!

He buzzed in and proclaimed “Right in the butt” as his answer, which was incorrect for – among other reasons – the fact that it has too many letters. Pat Sajak managed to keep his composure and respond with a simple “no,” as the entire set burst into laughter. 

With the audience still cracking up, Tavaris’ fellow contestant Blake chimed in with the correct – and much more benign – answer: “This is the best!”

Mind in the Gutter

Megyn, who has long maintained that she has the humor of a 12-year-old boy, said she first saw the clip on this morning and hasn’t stopped laughing since. “I woke up to this on my phone and played it for Doug and the two of us got to laughing,” she shared. “You know how some things get funnier the more you think about them and the more you watch them? This is one of those.”

Kelly said he empathizes with Tavaris because he could see himself having a similar moment on the show. “I sympathize a little bit because people’s minds work differently and mine is very slow and doesn’t work that well,” he quipped. “I’ve never been able to do Wheel of Fortune and my wife is amazing at it. She’ll look at something like that and just solve it.”

He does not believe the same could be said for himself. “You can have that whole thing done but one letter and I wouldn’t be able to get it,” he admitted. “So, I sympathize because that is totally something that would come out of my mouth on national television.”

Considering Wheel of Fortune is a family-friendly show, Megyn found it particularly funny that Tavaris’ mind was in the gutter. “Wheel of Fortune is famous for its anal sex references,” she joked. “That’s a thing.”

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