Michael Cohen Just Admitted That He Stole Money from Donald Trump on the Witness Stand

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

The prosecution rested its case on Monday in the business records trial of former President Donald Trump in New York City, but not before ‘star’ witness Michael Cohen could drop another bombshell on the stand.

During cross-examination, Cohen testified that he stole tens of thousands of dollars from the Trump Organization.

On Monday’s show, Megyn was joined by Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to discuss the revelation and how it may impact the case against Trump.

Cohen Admits to Crime

Back on the stand for the end of his cross-examination, Cohen was questioned by defense attorney Todd Blanche about a $20,000 payment to tech company Red Finch. Trump’s former ‘fixer’ paid the firm for services rendered from $50,000 in funds he received from the Trump Organization.

Cohen admitted to billing the Trump Organization for $50,000 even though he only paid Red Finch a portion of the amount. When Blanche asked Cohen if he stole from the company, Cohen answered, “Yes, sir.” He later referred to the scheme as a form of “self-help” because he was upset about his bonus payout that year.

“It turns out Michael Cohen only paid them 20 grand… in a brown bag of cash and then he demanded Trump reimburse him for $50,000,” Megyn explained. “So, he stole $30,000 from President Trump – which is a felony in and of itself – and last week was whining about how he didn’t get his full bonus that year.”

‘Political Circus’

In Cruz’s view, the admission marks a major milestone in the case as it enters its sixth week. “Michael Cohen admitting that he stole from Trump… means they finally found a crime at the trial,” he quipped. “There is something that is actually a crime.”

The moment proved to be yet another instance of the Trump team attempting to undermine Cohen’s credibility to the jury. “That’s the prosecution’s star witness,” Cruz said. “This whole thing makes the bar scene in Star Wars look good. I mean, this is the biggest collection of grifters and people who are shakedown artists. And it is designed to be a political circus.”

At this point, even the media has been forced to admit Cohen’s testimony has led to some rough days for prosecutors and Britt believes the American people are seeing through the antics as well. “I think that they continue to do these things to keep [Trump] off of the campaign trail and to try to shift the narrative, but I believe that will backfire on them because I think the American people have had enough,” she said.

While Trump may not prevail in this particular case, she think it may help him prevail in the general election. “We are sick of to tiers of justice, and we are sick of watching things that we would see in a banana republic play out in the United States of America,” Britt concluded. “I think that the voters are going to go to the ballot in November and they are going to speak very decisively to this very issue.”

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