How the ‘Gross’ People in Trump’s Orbit Could Impact the Verdict in His New York Trial

AP Photo/ Evan Vucci

The Trump trial is back in session after its usual off-day on Wednesday. Michael Cohen back on the stand and getting hammered during cross-examination. 

Based on what we hear from inside the courtroom, the jury is now paying attention. They no longer look bored. It is on between the Trump legal team and this proven, admitted liar. Watching Cohen try to wiggle out of his lies is actually slightly stomach-churning. It is so gross. 

This is somewhat of a tricky situation for the defense because the more of a scumbag they make Cohen into – and he is a scumbag – the more Trump risks the jury looking at him and thinking, This is your right hand man? This is the guy you brought on to work for you for over a decade as your ‘fixer’? He’s disgusting. Stormy Daniels is a person you allegedly let into your hotel room? Like, what are you doing? What kind of person are you?

I’m sorry, but this may also have some effect on those all-important female voters in the suburbs who are just like, ‘Who are these disgusting people?’ 

If I ever get indicted and they put Abby on the stand for three days, I would be so proud. I would be beaming with pride. I would love for people to see my right-hand person. It would be the same if you had my lawyer testify. My lawyer is upstanding and well respected. He knows how to fight, but he is an ethical man. He has not gone to prison. 

I don’t know, it is just gross to me. This whole thing feels like somebody put some disgusting movie on that I had to watch even though I didn’t want to. 

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