‘Be a Squeaky Wheel’: Megyn Shares Why She Once Spoke Up About Her Son’s Teacher

I’ve often thought that if I only cared about doing a fun and interesting show, I would have kept my kids in their indoctrinating New York City schools because the insanity that went on there – and continues to go on there – would have been nonstop fodder for my program. 

But I love my children and it seemed like actual abuse to me. So, as everybody knows, Doug and I pulled them from those schools and found much better ones in Connecticut.


Well, ahead of talking to Corey DeAngelis about his new book The Parent Revolution, I checked in with some of my friends who are still at those NYC institutions, and it seems like not much has changed. One of my dear friends has a son who is the same age as my youngest. They are in fourth grade. 

She shared with me a little essay her son had to write about America. She saw it after the fact when it got sent home, and she could not believe her eyes. With her permission, here is what he wrote:

The event I would teach people about is slavery. The reason I think it is important to teach people about this event is so that we can see that America was built on Black people, not on whites. Behind the scenes, it is all Blacks. The reason we have picked crops, built houses, and America is because Black people did it all. The only thing white people did was take credit for work they didn’t do. As a white person, I stand with Black people all the way.

This is a 10-year-old boy who is not getting this from mom and dad. He is learning this at an institution that – in the third and fourth grade – is trying to indoctrinate children to hate the country and hate white people. It is very clear: “The only thing whites did was take credit for it all.” She was shocked, and I don’t believe they will be at that school next year.

‘Be a Squeaky Wheel’

That is one example from deep blue New York City, but I also have one that hits closer to home. 

My son started seventh grade last year in Connecticut at his non-woke school. They hired a new teacher, and the teacher opened up the class by saying, ‘This is an anti-racist, Ibram X. Kendi classroom, and all that matters is offense, not intent.’ 

Needless to say, we immediately called the school and we were like the fiftieth family to do so. Everybody had called to say something. And guess what? That teacher was corrected and it was made clear that this was not how they were going to run the classroom. Flash forward to now and the teacher is no longer with the school. 

Be a squeaky wheel. Use your voice, even if you are not used to doing so.

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