Megyn Has Some Thoughts About Stormy Daniels Saying ‘I Have No Shame’ Being a Porn Star

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Stormy Daniels now trying to spin her alleged sexual encounter with Donald Trump into a #MeToo situation both with the testimony on the stand on Tuesday and what she said to The View about the power imbalance is really galling.

#MeToo applies in the workplace, Stormy. You don’t get to suggest you’re a #MeToo victim just because you had sex with a man who has more money than you. That is not what #MeToo was about. It was about extracting sexual favors while threatening one’s position of employment. 

At best, what she is alleging is that Trump said, ‘I might be able to get you on Celebrity Apprentice.’ And she is the one trying to exploit her ability to give him sex so she could get the role. 

She never said it wasn’t consensual, that she didn’t do it willingly. And this is just a bastardization of what the #MeToo movement – at its core – was. It was bastardized by many people, but the core of the movement was that women trying to get ahead at the office based on their merit should not have to sleep with their boss or give sexual favors to a superior in order to get there. 

That is not what happened here, and it is infuriating to watch her try to glom on. And by the way, nobody on the left is pointing that out. Nobody will speak up for what the core of the women’s rights issue was. Instead, they would love to have Stormy on board because it makes Trump look bad. 

It is not exactly a comment on #MeToo, but I will just give you a sampling of Rachel Maddow and Nicolle Wallace talking about their observations in the wake of Stormy’s testimony:

MADDOW: She said today, ‘I have no shame,’ talking about her, her, her career choices. And there’s no reason she should. She’s got self determination. She has given herself the career that she wants. 

But we can have shame. We can have shame about our political choices as a country about who we are elevating as America’s face to the world and today is just– I mean, none of us will get this taste out of our mouth.

Wow. I guess because all the Democrats are pitch perfect when it comes to their sex lives in office?

And not for nothing, but I completely disagree with Rachel Maddow. Stormy Daniels should have some shame around being a porn star. That is not something to be proud of, and I’m not afraid to say that.

She’s got self-determination? Yeah, she is self-determined to be a professional hooker. That is what you are. You are getting paid to have sex on camera. That is what being a porn star is. You take something that is supposed to be absolutely lovely, and special, and awesome between two loving people and you bastardize it so that random strangers can get off in their basements. 

There is nothing valorous about it. I would have shame, if I were Stormy Daniels. 

Sorry, but we shouldn’t be celebrating it, Rachel.

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