Piers Morgan Reacts to His Viral Interview with the ‘Crackhead Barney’ Who Harassed Alec Baldwin


Alec Baldwin became a surprisingly sympathetic figure for at least a moment this week after he was ambushed in a coffee shop by a content creator named “Crackhead Barney & Friends” who shouted at the actor to say “Free Palestine.”

The provocateur is known to harass public figures while in varying states of undress and documents her ‘performance art’ on social media. Never one to shy away from controversy, Piers Morgan invited Crackhead Barney on his show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, and their exchange went as viral as the original incident. 

On Thursday’s show, Morgan joined Megyn to discuss why he wanted to interview Crackhead Barney and what it ultimately revealed about the anti-Israel movement.

‘Crackhead’ Confrontation

In case you missed it, Crackhead Barney confronted Baldwin on Monday after following him into a New York City cafe. She pleaded with him to say “Free Palestine,” “F-ck Israel,” or “f-ck Zionism” as he attempted to escort her out of the establishment.

While he never engaged with Crackhead Barney directly, Baldwin ended up knocking the camera out of her hand. She has subsequently alleged he “assaulted” her. And despite no police report being filed, Crackhead Barney doubled down on the claim with Morgan.

She showed up for the interview wearing a cropped tank top that exposed her bare breasts and a diaper-like bottom accessorized with a sling, neck brace, crutch, and sunglasses. As is her custom, her face and some parts of her body were painted white and she finished off the look with a blonde wig and red lipstick.

“What did I do to Alec Baldwin? Piers, do you see the damage that Alec did to me?” she asked. “Do you see the damage? Look at my arms! Look at my arms, Piers! Look at my neck! I was maimed by a white man on Monday!”

Crackhead Barney acted erratically during the interview, calling Morgan “another white devil” and demanding he say “Free Palestine” as well. He asked her to stop shouting so they could have “a civil conversation,” but she did not oblige.

The ‘Enlightening’ Interview

Morgan said his producers were in his ear during the exchange suggesting he end the interview, but he decided against it. “It was completely, obviously insane,” he said. “[But] in a way, it was quite illuminating.” 

Morgan believes the social media star – who has nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram – is “90 percent performative” and does not actually know anything about the cause she claims to support. “The point of keeping her on-air for a little bit was just to say, ‘I’m prepared to have a serious conversation with you,’” he explained. “‘You are referencing Palestine throughout your encounter with Alec Baldwin. Okay, let’s talk about Palestine. Let’s talking about whether you think what you’re doing is actually remotely helpful to the pro-Palestinian cause because it isn’t. It makes the whole thing look like a charade. It’s not a charade. Real people are dying in large numbers.'”

To that point, Morgan said the interview was “quite enlightening about the kind of mentality of people like this.” Megyn agreed. “She’s the most extreme version we’ve seen, but she’s not the only dum-dum who is shooting off about Palestine knowing absolutely nothing about it,” she noted.

Case in point, the students who admitted on camera that they had no idea why they were protesting at New York University earlier this week.

No Love Lost

Since the interview, Crackhead Barney has been posting on X about Morgan and how he is “in love” with her. But apparently he isn’t the only one. “My team tells me that Crackhead Barney tweeted [about me],” Megyn said. “‘I think @MegynKelly has a crush on me… but you’re not my type[.] I like my white gurls dirty n trashy.”

“I have to tell you a Crackhead, I like my Barneys purple and prehistoric, so it’s fine,” Megyn concluded. “It’s not gonna work out between the two of us.”

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