Biden Administration Overhauls Trump-Era Title IX Rules at the Expense of Biological Women and Men

Shawn Thew/Pool Photo via AP

After much speculation, the Biden administration unveiled its revisions to Title IX on Friday. The updates fulfill a 2020 campaign pledge from President Joe Biden to revamp changes made to the 50-year-old legislation under former President Donald Trump.

Title IX was passed by Congress in 1972 to outlaw discrimination based on sex in education and give women equal opportunities in academic settings. While the new regulations issued by the Department of Education stop short of prohibiting schools from banning transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports as was expected, they offer wide-ranging protections to LGBTQ+ students and make it easier for men to be wrongly accused of sexual harassment and assault on college campuses.

Under the new rules – which apply to colleges, elementary schools, and high schools that receive federal funding – sex discrimination will include discrimination based on both gender identity and sexual orientation. Schools will not be able to differentiate by sex, except in limited circumstances. Critics believe this will allow people to use the locker rooms and bathrooms of their choosing regardless of their biological sex.

Additionally, LGBTQ+ students who face discrimination can now seek recourse from the federal government if they do not feel it was dealt with in an appropriate way at the school level. And Biden also rolled back the due process rules put in place by his predecessor to protect those accused of sexual assault.

In an impassioned monologue, Megyn called the changes an “abomination” and urged parents to “speak up” and “fight back” against the rules that will take effect August 1. In order to do that, however, she said it is imperative to “understand exactly what we’re dealing with.” 

On Friday’s show, Megyn welcomed an array of experts to examine exactly what will be changing under Title IX and the impacts it will have on biological women and men of all ages. Below we’ve rounded up the most important facets of those conversations to serve as a comprehensive overview of the topic.

Biden’s Title IX Overhaul

Megyn and May Mailman, director of Independent Women’s Law Center, discuss why the Biden administration’s new Title IX rules will hurt biological men and women, how these updates are an infringement on parents’ rights, why ‘misgendering’ can now be punished as sex discrimination, and more.

The Impact on Women

Megyn and Inez Stepman, senior analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum, take a closer look at how these changes to Title IX will force young women and girls to ignore the reality of gender and sex, how the attempts to stop discrimination actually leads to discrimination, the problem with biological men in women’s sports, whether these Title IX changes will protect women from that, and more.

The Impact on Men

Megyn and KC Johnson, author of The Campus Rape Frenzy, break down how Biden’s Title IX policies will ruin due process for men on college campuses, examples of male students who have been wrongfully accused of sexual assault at U.S. colleges and universities, and more.

How to Fight Back

Megyn and podcast hosts Alex Clark and Mary Morgan discuss why women and girls must fight back against radical gender ideology, how campus degeneracy has become a frightening norm, and more.

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