Megyn Reveals Why She Voted for Trump in 2020 While Unloading on Biden’s New Title IX Changes

As you may be aware, I had a long, contentious relationship with Donald Trump. Going into the 2020 election, I did not know whether I could pull the lever for him. I really didn’t. 

The world had shifted under our feet. It had gone crazy with DEI and with the trans ideology nonsense that was being shoved down my own kids’ throats at school. And I really wrestled with it. You guys heard me wrestle with it on The Megyn Kelly Show

I have never shared this publicly. As a journalist, I don’t talk about who I vote for. I never have, but I am going to today.

The 2020 Election

There is a breast oncology doctor that I see once a year for a mammogram. She is a far-left liberal, and I love her. We talk politics every year when I go in. We usually disagree, but we have a shared humanity. 

It’s not that we are that close. We’ve never had dinner together. But this woman and I have been through a lot. I had a breast cancer scare that, thank God, wasn’t anything. But she got me through it, and she knew what Trump had put me through for that year and how hard it was on my family.

When I went in to see her after the 2020 election, I told her I voted for Donald Trump and I almost cried. She asked me why I voted for him, and I told her it wasn’t about me. It was about my concern for this country, my children, what was happening, in particular, in this culture lane but in other lanes as well. 

I worried what she might say to me in reply, but she looked at me and said, ‘You know what that tells me?’ I said, ‘What?’ She said, ‘That you have principles.’ I felt so much better. It’s not that I needed her approval, but she was this person who I talked to for all those years while that crap was happening with Trump.

Title IX Overhaul

I voted for Donald Trump to prevent things like this, like what happened today with Title IX. When I saw the news of what Joe Biden just did to women’s rights, and due process for young men on college campuses, and free speech, I was horrified. And my second reaction was at least I don’t have this blood on my hands.

I am ashamed of Joe Biden! I am disgusted at Miguel Cardona! 

What happened today as a result of the change in Title IX is that your daughter or you – if you are a college-age woman – will now have to go into your college bathroom or your college locker room and be faced with men posing as women, many of whom are only there because they get off on wearing women’s clothing. They literally will have erections because they are wearing a dress into the women’s locker room. Your kid is going to have to look at it, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Nothing! 

No lawmaker has voted on this. No Congress has passed this. Joe Biden did it with his education secretary. It is an agency regulation.

The Impact on Men

Additionally, your son or you – if you’re a young college-age man – will have to worry if you get falsely accused by a young woman of sexual assault. With all due respect to my fellow women, we’ve seen it happen time and time again. It does not mean all accusers are fake accusers, but enough of them are that we need very sturdy due process regulations to protect the accused. 

Men have now lost his right to cross-examination. He cannot confront his accuser anymore because of what Joe Biden did today. He is f–cked. Sorry, but that’s the truth. 

These are kangaroo courts where his ‘representative’ will do shuttle diplomacy between the two rooms where the ‘representative’ talks to the young man and then talks to the accuser. That is the substitute for cross-examination. And we know that the ‘representatives’ who run these kangaroo courts on college campuses are ‘victims rights advocates.’ Your kid gets no protection. 

That’s why Betsy DeVos – when she took over as education secretary after President Barack Obama left office with Arne Duncan – tried to restore some semblance of normalcy. Was it because Betsy DeVos hates women? She loves rape? She wanted women to get raped over and over and for their assailants to walk free? Hell no! She wanted just a semblance of due process, and that’s what she did under Trump. 

Biden and Cardona have reversed it. They have undone most of her solutions to the overreach that Obama and Duncan imposed. 

And guess what else? It also applies to K through 12. It is not just colleges. The way you talk about these issues, pronouns, Biden has waved his magic wand to say we all have to do it the way this administration wants it done.

Who’s in Charge?

Who are we kidding? It’s not even Joe Biden. Do we think he is really calling the shots? Do you really think Joe Biden is woke? Do you really think he cares whether the trans person has access to your naked daughter as she gets ready for swimming? No, it’s his handlers – whoever the hell they are – who are the secret president. Biden doesn’t get a pass, but I believe he does what they tell him. 

They did not have the balls to put this before Congress because they knew what would happen.

What’s at Stake?

I’m pissed because, unlike most news outlets, we here at The Megyn Kelly Show have covered this spate of women who have been attacked in their locker rooms, attacked in their bathrooms. 

I know the left wants to pretend that it is all loving, genuinely confused men who really want to live as women the way, frankly, I came to know the trans people I know who don’t want to hurt anybody. They are out there. I do not wish to disparage all trans people. I know and love some who are not like this. 

But it would be a disservice to pretend that a large majority of so-called trans women (meaning men posing as women) are not autogynefiles. They are. These are men who get off on dressing as women and are the ones who parade around places like Planet Fitness shaving their stubble. An actual trans person wouldn’t want you to see his stubble. He would want you to actually believe he is a woman because he is genuinely trying to live his life as one and not making a mockery out of it or a sexual fetish out of it. 

So, now it is going to continue – and not just continue but spread. It is going to spread because now it is not just in the trans lane. Now, the men who are genuinely just perverts have a green light to come on in. And if they say ‘no’ at your kids’ campus or K-12 school, it is now discrimination. It is now ‘unlawful discrimination in violation of Title IX.’ 

The very thing we’ve been using for decades to protect girls and young women will now be used against them when they try to speak up against this happening and in favor of their safety.

The 2024 Election

In 2024, I don’t care. I would vote for RFK, Jr. I would vote for Trump. I think Trump is the only answer because – to be perfectly honest with you – RFK, Jr. is kind of weak on this issue. But there is no way in hell I will vote for Joe Biden or anyone who supports this abomination. 

It must be undone. Do not comply. The rules don’t take effect until August. Don’t use their language. Protect your daughters. Fight. Protect your sons. Speak up. 

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