The Strudwick File: What’s in a Name?

In a rare turn of events, this week’s Strudwick update is not actually about something our four-legged friend did. Instead, it involves Megyn’s mom and what she has taken to calling Strud. Get ready for a good laugh.

If you’re a regular listener or viewer of The Megyn Kelly Show, you’ve heard Megyn talk about her mom Linda. You may even recall that Strudwick nearly destroyed the costumes Megyn bought for her birthday party last summer (revisit that shenanigan here).

Turns out, Linda doesn’t think Strudwick’s name rolls off the tongue. Case in point: The recent monikers she has bestowed upon him.

When chatting with Megyn on the phone earlier this year, she inquired about how the dogs were doing. Specifically, she wanted to know “how is Snodgrass?”

‘Snodgrass’ apparently didn’t quite sound right either though because, more recently, she debuted another name. “My mom just called Strudwick ‘Sudafed,'” Megyn shared.

If she and Doug are into the pharmaceutical theme, we suggested they consider ‘Theraflu’ as an update for Strud’s sister Thunder. “I’m dead,” Megyn concluded.

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