‘They’ve Run Out of Real Men’: Why Weak College Guys Have Megyn Worried About the Future of Mankind

There are more protests going on with these pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel groups who continue to bother random civilians just trying to live their lives. The latest happened at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, which, like so many colleges in this country, didn’t used to be like this. Now it is woke and annoying just like the others. 

Students attempted to stage a sit-in in the halls of Vanderbilt Chancellor Daniel Diermeier’s office to demand the university allow students to vote on an amendment to the Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG) Constitution that would prevent any VSG funds from going to organizations that go against the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement out of Israel. 

These people hate Israel, they think that they’re committing a genocide, and they want the chancellor to do exactly what they want him to do so they tried to get into his office. 

At one point, they called 911 because somebody needed to change her tampon. I’m not kidding. They felt it was an emergency that she be allowed passage. I’m going to start there, watch: 

Neither you nor your friend has an emergency. This is what we are dealing with. Vanderbilt is a good university, at least on paper. Can you believe the narcissistic, dumb behavior happening on these campuses? The antisemitism is obvious, but I am feeling anti-stupidism, too, watching that clip. I’m feeling it strongly. It’s ubiquitous. 

But it didn’t end there. The students also shamed a black police officer for not joining them in their protest because the cop is, well, black.

Let’s talk turkey. It’s not really about their nonsense chant and shaming of the black cop. 

Who are the young, college girls going to sleep with? Because they’ve run out of real men. Who would ever even consider going to bed with any of those mealy-mouthed, weak-kneed, cross-legged, elbow-holding, mask-wearing lightweights? I am terrified for the future of the human race.

Girls, do not look for a man who sits cross-legged beyond age 10, or one who is wearing a mask unless he is elderly and has a disease, or who links arms – nevermind all the other stuff. You need a real man. Trust me. 

When you get between the sheets and it is time to do business, you need a real man up there, ladies. Those guys are not it. 

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