‘It’s Offensive’: Megyn Reacts to Trans Influencer Dylan Mulvaney’s New ‘Days of Girlhood’ Music Video

Dylan Mulvaney/YouTube

[Editor’s NoteYou can learn more about Megyn’s position on preferred pronouns here.]

Nearly a year after the Bud Light disaster, Dylan Mulvaney is back in the news. He is celebrating his second year of being a girl and has decided to do so with an “official” music video for his “Days of Girlhood” song. 

I am going to go ahead and say there is a viewer warning attached to this because all viewers will find this disturbing:

It is so dark. Dylan says he is celebrating his femininity here. Those are all all trans people in the video. In case you weren’t able to tell, everyone there is a man. 

What is Dylan’s view of being a woman? “Monday, can’t get out of bed.” So, Dylan is depressed. “Tuesday morning, pick up meds.” Dylan is obviously on meds. “Wednesday retail therapy.” Yes, you need a lot of therapy. “Thursday had a walk of shame.” So, you’re a slut. “Didn’t even know his name.” Yep, promiscuity. Slutty. 

His view of “girlhood” is that you are a medicated, depressed slut.

I find Dylan offensive on a number of levels. That’s not to say all trans people are, but Dylan in particular is offensive. And I’m sick and tired of the “days of girlhood” content. It is something about which he knows nothing. 

As a former girl myself who is now a woman and raising a daughter right now at the tender age of 12, I can tell you it is magical and beautiful. It is full of exciting openness, and creativity, and finding things out about yourself. It can also be challenging, and surprising, and, at points, dangerous when you come of age and go off to college. It is all of that. 

Dylan Mulvaney will never know anything about it because he is a man. He will never know the blessings that come with being a young girl who is figuring out her place in the world. He will never know what it is like to stand up in a room full of men and be the one who knows more. It is a wonderful experience that Dylan will never have, male or female.

I hate that he keeps trying to drop himself into my gender and give us lessons about what it means. He knows not the first thing. 

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