‘They Don’t Understand’: Megyn on Why Kid Rock and UFC Aren’t Changing Anyone’s Mind About Bud Light

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I have to talk about what is happening with Bud Light. Matt Walsh has been saying – and I agree – that this is like the only successful boycott that Republicans have ever engaged in. It’s the only time they’ve stuck together and actually been heard. And because Kid Rock and UFC president Dana White want to give it up, we’re supposed to all surrender our principles now?

Bending the Knee

I like Kid Rock, but he’s wrong. If he wants to drink a Bud Light, he can do what he wants. But he does not speak for the rest of us. Many of us are still deeply offended by that brand’s partnership with Dylan Mulvaney – the person who makes his living mocking women; not to mention what Bud Light said about its core audience and customer base, which is that they are too “fratty” and, therefore, the brand wants to get away from them. 

Who at Bud Light thinks that we do what Kid Rock or Dana White tells us to? What person is like, ‘Oh, well, Dana gave it up, so me too’? That’s not how this works. Dana White got $100 million for bending the knee to Bud Light. To me, it’s just absurd that Bud Light won’t apologize but will pay $100 million to the fighter guy so that the rest of us will bend the knee.

You bend the knee, sir.

Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth hasn’t apologized or asked for forgiveness for what happened. And the reason he hasn’t asked for forgiveness is because he’s too beholden to the radical, nasty trans activists who are men trying to shame women out of using their voices. He’s too afraid of them and not enough afraid of the rest of America that’s had it up to here with this bullsh-t. 

Kid Rock Weighs In

Kid Rock chimed in during an interview with Tucker Carlson this week: 

Tucker Carlson: You released the video of you executing the Bud Light… Months later, Bud Light effectively apologizes but then comes back and hands the UFC $100 million basically to say, ‘We’re sorry. We will get better.’ That seems like a win to me.

Kid Rock: I think it could be. I think they’ve got some work still to win some of that base they lost… At the end of the day, when you step back and look at it, yeah, they deserved the black eye and they got one. They made a mistake… It was a mistake, so do I want to hold their head underwater and drown them because he made a mistake? No, I think they got the message like hopefully other companies get it too. But, you know, at the end of the day, I don’t think the punishment that they’ve been getting, at this point, fits the crime.

December 11, 2023

How do we ‘get the message’? Where was the apology? Why didn’t that CEO come on this show or any other and say, ‘I hear you. I’m sorry. I get it. I realize I promoted somebody who’s extremely offensive to most Americans, nevermind most women. I realize that my head of marketing was quietly dismissed after she called our audience fratty and said she wanted to exchange them for someone more acceptable to her. That was deeply wrong. We should have made a public example of her. We love our audience. She screwed up. She is what we want to distance from, not you.’ It’s not that hard, sir.

He doesn’t do it because he’s afraid. If you followed this story closely, you’ll remember the trans activists got all up in Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light’s grill saying, ‘You better not do that. How dare you not stand by Dylan Mulvaney.’ They amped up the pressure like they always do. So, Whitworth bent the knee and wouldn’t say to his customer base and those of us around it, ‘I’m sorry. I do not stand with that. Those are not my values. I have to pick a lane and I am against their lane, where you’re cutting off children’s body parts and sterilizing 12 year olds. That’s not my lane, where you steal the term women, where you get rid of breastfeeding for chest feeding, where you try to wear tuck-it bathing suits like Dylan does. That’s not us. I get it. I’ve heard you.’

Until I hear that, they can pound sand.

The Culture War

Kid Rock is a great guy, but, he doesn’t understand. He’s talking about how working class people have lost jobs because two plants shut down. Whose fault is that? It’s the CEO of Anheuser-Busch; it’s the CEO Bud Light. Those are the ones who are at fault, not us. 

I am worried more about the children. How about the children of working class people who get sucked into this ideology, wind up sterile, and have no money to reverse the procedures? That’s the ideology that Bud Light is promoting. So, I worry about them too, but in a different way.

Those working class guys who worked at Bud Light will get another job, but their children won’t get their fertility back. They won’t get their body parts back. The women who lost the sporting races because these trans activists took over thanks to Dylan Mulvaney and the Bud Light promotion of people like that aren’t going to get their medals back. There’s a lot more to worry about than two plants shutting down. I don’t like these myopic views.

There is a lot on the line with this boycott. Bud Light needs to suffer. You can let Dylan Mulvaney and all those Democrats who posed for pictures with Bud Light cans be your new customer base. See how that works out. If we give up now, we are giving up on a culture fight that is too important for the right.

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