‘Did I Need to Be Knocked Down?’ Megyn Shares Her Takeaway from Going Through a Public Cancelation

Dan Wootton joined me on the show today to talk about his departure from GB News and also apologized to Johnny Depp for his past coverage of the Amber Heard trials. He was very honest about his regrets, and I really appreciated his his candor.

I related to it because I am constantly looking back at my positions and asking how I could do better. What do I know now that would change my opinions? I really encourage everybody to do that because if you just stick with ‘I’m right today, and I’ve always been right,’ then if you were wrong yesterday and you’re wrong today, you never have any chance of being right tomorrow. That’s just the way it is.

I have a belief that, whether it is a higher power, the universe, or whatever, things somehow work out the way they’re supposed to. And sometimes we, at some level, bring trying things upon ourselves because we have a lesson to learn.

I think back on my own time before my very public cancellation. I wasn’t canceled at Fox News. They offered me a big deal to stay. But many on the right were very angry with me and some remain angry with me for the question I asked former President Donald Trump during the 2016 election cycle. I ask for no forgiveness. I stand by my questioning 100 percent.

But I certainly think about what happened at NBC. I think to myself, did I need to be knocked down? Was I getting too full of hubris or too confident? Was I not full of enough humility to where I was questioning my positions and leaving room for the idea that I wasn’t right about everything or that I should be a little bit more generous towards others in the way I approach the news?

That was one of my takeaways when I emerged after all of that. I came out more humble, and I am definitely different than I was back then. It’s for the better. But you don’t get there without being really honest with yourself.

Self-reflection, introspection, and a lot of humility will go a long way for every human – journalist or not – in assessing their positions in this crazy world that we find ourselves in.

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