Megyn Unloads on Jimmy Kimmel, Robert De Niro, and George Stephanopoulos for Their Oscar-Worthy Hypocrisy

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Last night was the 96th Academy Awards. And while you might have missed it, there was one clear winner. No, not Oppenheimer. It was Sanctimonious Leftists for their Lead Role in Pretending They Are Better Than You.

Several people shared in this achievement, so let’s give them their due.

Winner #1: Jimmy Kimmel

For the fourth time, Jimmy Kimmel hosted the Oscars before an adoring crowd of Hollywood stars, who laughed and curried favor with the man who wore blackface so many times he’s second only to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his fondness for the practice.

Yes, some of the very same celebrities who wanted you to believe they were horrified – horrified! – after yours truly said in 2018 that people used to don dark makeup in order to imitate well-known Black celebrities and it wasn’t a big deal, absolutely ate up the performance by Hollywood darling Mr. Kimmel, whose blackface costumes included his oft-repeated bit as basketball star Karl Malone (below) and, let’s not forget, Oprah in a fat suit.

In truth, the Academy Awards – though it’s since gone on to lecture us about the importance of racial equity – has long been a promoter of celebrity blackface. The 2012 Oscars ceremony featured Billy Crystal in blackface announcing a best picture nominee. 

Just a few years before that, Robert Downey Jr. was honored with a Best Supporting Actor nomination for the film Tropic Thunder, in which he famously wore – you guessed it – blackface while donning an afro and attending “ebonics vocal training.” He won last night for Oppenheimer. Congrats!

Obviously Kimmel’s love of blackface was not a deal-breaker for ABC, which (A) already employs him as a late-night host and (B) in addition to its many blackface awards shows also produced and promoted many shows and stars in blackface. It appears the real sin with blackface, you see, is talking about how standards on it have changed, not actually wearing it. You can still win Oscars and host the Oscars after doing that.

Winner #2: Robert DeNiro

Our next winner of the Sanctimonious Leftists Pretending They Are Better Than You Award is Robert De Niro. It’s another Oscar for the iconic actor, who, now 80, appeared on Bill Maher over the weekend and had some choice words about Donald Trump.

Here’s a bit of it:

He wouldn’t ever play someone that despicable, and who could blame him? It could be tough for an actor to play such a hateful, hateful man. Someone like… Bernie Madoff, a guy who stole $65 billion dollars from nuns and Holocaust survivors like Elie Wiesel and was sentenced to 150 years in prison.

Or Jimmy Conway from Goodfellas, a character based on real life mobster Jimmy Burke, who, according to mobster Henry Hill, really did whack a guy for an insult about shoe shining and then finished him off in the trunk of the car when they realized he wasn’t quite dead. But De Niro doesn’t want to play someone truly evil, you see. At least not a certain someone. Maybe Jimmy was a Democrat? 

By the way, De Niro is also upset that Trump is an alleged racist. I wonder if he pulled Jimmy Kimmel aside last night and asked him to atone for his blackface-loving past.

Winner #3: George Stephanopoulos

Our final Oscar for Sanctimonious Leftists Pretending They are Better Than You is a dark horse contender when you consider he’s not even an actor, George Stephanopoulos. Yes, another ABC-er! 

The lifelong Democrat took to his Sunday show yesterday and decided to really press Republican and Trump-endorser Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) on how on earth she can support a guy who’s been found liable of sexual assault, especially when – as he pointed out to Mace – she is a rape survivor. 

Watch below:

It’s such an opportunity when you can use a woman’s rape against her. What a kind, sensitive man who clearly cares deeply about women and their sexual assault allegations. Thank you for being an ally, George. I see how concerned you are that victims might not come forward if they are publicly attacked by their rapist or his defenders. 

To be sure, that is a very real concern. It happens all the time, which you know because you invented it. Remember when you created a whole command center designed to smear Bill Clinton’s sexual assault and rape accusers so you could elevate him to the presidency?

The attorney representing many of Clinton’s accusers – and there were many, George, including Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers to name a few – said, at Hillary Clinton’s direction, you and James Carville formed a so-called ‘war room’ that’s purpose was “to destroy any woman that would challenge Bill Clinton.” You know the war room, they made a whole movie about it.

This attorney points out that you don’t like to talk about this, George. Maybe that’s why you skipped it in your discussion with Nancy Mace. But, as you know, private detectives were hired, the women say they were threatened, and they were publicly shamed by you and your well-funded team. Did you worry then that this behavior might shame victims from “coming forward”? 

You admitted in your own memoir that Hillary Clinton told you about one accuser: “We have to destroy her story.” Did you object? Did you say, “That’s shaming”? In fact, you later described yourself as Mr. Clinton’s “enabler.” But sir, how could you have enabled and defended a man like this who was accused by multiple women of sexual assault, rape, and harassment.

That brings us to Paula Jones. You were Clinton’s attack dog when Jones came forward claiming Bill Clinton had exposed himself to her. When he was governor of Arkansas, he summoned her to a Little Rock hotel room through state troopers and took out his penis – a charge Clinton denies, just as Trump denies E. Jean Carroll’s allegations. What do you think he wanted done with that thing? Just a little show and tell? 

Jones was poor, a graduate of secretarial school who worked for the state. She had no power, no connections, and Clinton was the sitting governor. She didn’t go to Columbia and Oxford and become a Rhodes scholar like you, George. She was a nothing to you. Your buddy Carville immediately went after Jones, infamously saying, “If you drag a $100 bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.” 

And you? Did you defend her saying, “We don’t shame accusers”? No, you compared Jones to Tonya Harding as, quoting here from The New York Times, “just another woman seeking cash for telling a tabloid tale.” Fire up the war room and destroy her. 

Bill Clinton would ultimately pay Paula Jones almost a million dollars to settle her civil case and you remained Team Clinton all the way – to say nothing of Juanita Broaddrick’s rape allegation, or Kathleen Willey’s, and more. But now you “don’t understand” how Nancy Mace can support a man found liable for sexual assault of one woman 30 years ago in a civil trial in which the burden of proof is just 51 percent likely? My God. How did anyone at ABC think this was a good line of inquiry for Stephanopoulos?

And one need look no further than the kickoff of your interview to see you haven’t changed, George. Who told you that the thing to do with a rape survivor is to casually begin the interview with her own testimonial about her rape and then immediately attack her? 

Most people showing this clip aren’t showing the fact that you started the whole exchange by bringing up Mace’s rape when she was just 16 years old. They’re making it look like Mace brought it up to deflect the question. In fact, you shoved it in her face and demanded she explain how she could still support Trump. How dare you. 

She was right. You were out of line. You were offensive. Especially when the other guy – you know, your guy Joe Biden – has been accused of rape as well, George. Trust me, I know. I interviewed his alleged victim. Maybe you missed it because ABC, where you are and were the chief political correspondent, was the only network not to acknowledge or run a single soundbite from our blockbuster interview when it hit and made international headlines. 

I guess Tara Reade didn’t matter to you. Like Tonya Harding and Paula Jones, she is just another wrong-side-of-the-tracks woman, easily dismissed from your ivory tower, George. You ignored her, and then got rewarded with an exclusive sit-down with Joe Biden whom you undoubtedly went on to vote for. How could you?

Hypocrisy Alive and Well

Yes, hypocrisy is alive and well amongst these Sanctimonious Leftists. From Kimmel to De Niro to Stephanopoulos, they want you to believe they’re better than you. More virtuous. More decent. 

But we all know the truth. They lie. They sin. They do the very things they accuse you of and the things they say they would never do. Evil things, like try to destroy people based on feigned outrage from which they spare their own side or playing politics with a woman’s rape. 

The GOP is capable of hypocrisy, too. But, this weekend, these leftists won Best Performance in a Leading Role, bar none.

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