New Witness Alleges Nathan Wade Had a Garage Door Opener for Fani Willis’ Condo

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

More people are coming out of the woodwork with information that undermines the testimony of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Wade and special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Judge Scott McAfee heard closing arguments in the motion to disqualify Willis and Wade from the election interference case against former President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants on Friday. He said he would return a decision within two weeks. But should he decide he needs more information, additional witnesses are apparently ready to talk.

On Tuesday’s show, Megyn was joined by attorneys Dave Aronberg and Mike Davis to discuss what new witnesses are alleging they knew about Willis and Wade’s affair and what it could mean for the case.

Cindi Lee Yeager

At Friday’s hearing, Judge McAfee indicated he was not interested in additional evidence. Even so, defense attorneys for some of Trump’s remaining co-defendants filed briefs this week to alert the court that they have two potential witnesses who are willing to testify to what Terrence Bradley – Wade’s one-time friend, law partner, and divorce attorney – allegedly told them about Willis and Wade’s romantic relationship. 

In a court filing on Monday, attorneys for Trump co-defendant David Shafer said Cindi Lee Yeager, a co-chief deputy district attorney for the Cobb County, Georgia, district attorney’s office, informed them that Bradley told her Willis and Wade’s relationship began earlier than they stated.

She also alleged that Wade personally prepared his own divorce complaint against his ex-wife and told Bradley to sign it, suggesting the attorney-client relationship did not begin until around November 2021. Bradley testified that it began in 2018.

Perhaps most noteworthy, the filing stated that Yeager overheard a phone call between Willis and Bradley:

“In or around September of 2023, Mr. Bradley was visiting Ms. Yeager in her office when Mr. Bradly received a telephone call. Ms. Yeager could hear that the caller was District Attorney Willis. District Attorney Willis was calling Mr. Bradley in response to an article that was published about how much money Mr. Wade and his law partners had been paid in this case. Ms. Yeager heard District Attorney Willis tell Mr. Bradley: ‘They are coming after us. You don’t need to talk to them about anything about us.'”

In Aronberg’s view, the overheard phone call could be of interest to Judge McAfee because it is “first-hand information” that adds to what has already been shared. “That, I think, is a bigger deal than… just again saying that Terrence Bradley lied on the stand,” he explained. “The only thing that really is relevant here is that conversation that Yeager heard herself of Fani Willis’ voice talking to Terence Bradley.”

Manny Arora

But Yeager is not the only new witness to come forward. Georgia lawyer Manny Arora apparently had “several conversations” with Bradley between September and October 2023, according to a separate court filing from attorneys for co-defendant Cathy Latham on Tuesday. 

Bradley allegedly told Arora that Willis and Wade “definitely” began a romantic relationship when she was running for district attorney in 2019 and 2020 and that he worked on her transition team.

While that information was known, Arora was apparently privy to another detail that came up during Bradley’s testimony. Attorney Ashleigh Merchant asked Bradley on the stand if he recalled Wade having “a garage door opener to either a house or a condo or something like that of Ms. Willis.” 

Bradley replied that he had “never seen a garage door opener,” but the filing stated that Arora “had personal knowledge of the relationship between Mr. Wade and District Attorney Willis, including the use of Ms. Robin Yeartie’s apartment such as Mr. Wade having a garage opener to the property.”

While Bradley’s defense under oath was that he was merely speculating when he divulged details of Willis and Wade’s relationship to Merchant and others, Megyn said details like this feel a little too on the nose. “How do you speculate that he has a garage door opener that he uses to access this apartment owned by Robin Yeartie where he’s visiting,” she asked. “That’s quite a speculation.”

Davis agreed. “It’s a very specific speculation,” he said. “I mean, this case is a mess…. and they should absolutely get disqualified.”

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