‘She’s Not It’: Megyn Explains Why Kamala Harris Will Not Be America’s First Female President

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

President Joe Biden’s poll numbers just keep getting worse and questions about who could replace him on the 2024 Democrat ticket are only getting louder. Further complicating matters is the popularity – or lack thereof – of Vice President Kamala Harris.

On Monday’s show, my guest Stu Burguiere argued that maybe the Dems should just “roll the dice” and “pull the plug right now on Joe Biden’s candidacy and switch over to Kamala.” 

Not to go all girl-power on you, but the United States has never elected a female president. Ever. It’s really ridiculous. I’m sorry, but it’s absurd. And the first woman in the role is not going to be Kamala Harris. It’s just not going to be.

The first female president is going to be somebody truly extraordinary – somebody articulate, somebody strong, somebody who is a leader. That is not Kamala Harris.

For whatever reason, there’s a skepticism about a woman being president. It’s probably because we’ve never had it. Even though we’ve had strong female leaders at the senatorial level and in other countries, Americans are just kind of used to the one thing. 

It’s like the way I felt when I went to an Episcopal church the other day. I was like, why are there female priests? That’s not a thing. I’m skeptical. I’m Catholic. I’m used to men. 

The first female president is not going to be Kamala Harris, and it cannot be. For the sake of womankind and our future in this position and others, it cannot be such a moron. We need somebody who actually can do the job and who we can look up to even if we disagree with her politics. She’s not it. 

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