‘Put Me On’: Megyn Challenges Scott Pelley to Interview After ‘Moms for Liberty’ Hit Job on ’60 Minutes’

I have to talk about what happened on Sunday’s 60 Minutes. It was unbelievable. 

I’m ashamed of you, Scott Pelley. You are disgusting. You failed America’s children. I’m glad you feel so good about yourself, but my kids and anybody who has young ones in elementary school or middle school are going to pay the penalty for the – using your favorite word – ‘disinformation’ you put out on CBS News last night. Mike Wallace is rolling over in his grave. Ed Bradley, too.

Moms for Liberty

60 Minutes had ‘Moms for Liberty’ on. They are a group of moms originating out of Florida, who decided to run for school boards and so on when they saw overreaches by teachers who want to indoctrinate students in left-wing thinking instead of just teaching them basic subject matters like math. They’ve been great. They say they have 100,000 strong. 

Moms for Liberty has been getting out a little bit more in the press. I love Moms for Liberty, but I want them to get better at media before they keep going out there because I watched this 60 Minutes piece with immense frustration. Not everyone can fight with the likes of Scott Pelley and CBS. Not everybody knows their tactics and what they are going to do. He embarrassed them because he is deceitful and dishonest, which was foreseeable.

Even if you have given the answer in an earlier question, you must give it again. He will keep asking it of you until you give him a generic response, and then he will show it to his audience and say, ‘She dodged. She didn’t answer the question.’ That is what effers these guys are. That is my friendly criticism for Moms for Liberty. I hope they listen.

The Interview

Scott Pelley, you, on the other hand, are dishonest and disgusting. I saw exactly what you did to them. These are moms who got off the couch to be activists to help their kids. You treated them like they were terrorists. The way you treated them was grossly dishonest and a journalistic disservice to your audience and to children. 

Let me show you what he did. First, he asked co-founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich about ideology and indoctrination in schools.

DESCOVICH: There are rouge teachers in America’s classrooms right now.

PELLEY: Rouge teachers?

DESCOVICH: Rouge teachers, correct. 

JUSTICE: Parents send their children to school to be educated, not indoctrinated into ideology.

PELLEY: What ideology are they being indoctrinated into?

DESCOVICH: Let’s just say, children in America cannot read.

PELLEY VOICEOVER: They often dodged questions with talking points. 

PELLEY: You’re being evasive. What ideology–

JUSTICE: 21 percent of Hispanic students are reading on grade level.

PELLEY: You’re being evasive. What ideology are the children being indoctrinated into? What is your fear?

JUSTICE: I think parents fears are realized. They’re looking at these books where sexual discussions are happening with their children at younger and younger ages…

That’s exactly why she needed to answer the question again. She looked evasive because she actually didn’t answer there, and I know she can. She is living this.

The Ideology

You want to know what ideology they’re being indoctrinated into? They’re being indoctrinated into a race essentialism, where they believe that you have a different power structure or different deficits heaped on you at birth based on skin color and sins of the past with which you have nothing to do. 

They are being taught gender ideology that allows them to choose their sex like it’s a menu at a Chinese restaurant from the single digits. They are being sexualized when they are in elementary school, which is severely damaging to their mental health and primes them for victimhood and exploitation by grownups. 

Some call it woke. Some call it diversity, equity, and inclusion. But it’s very easy to explain what these teachers are doing. We’ve all been living it for years now. These two women know it better than anybody. Tell America what they are doing.

Book ‘Bans’

This whole segment on CBS News was about book banning, which was the wrong subject. The subject is: What they’re doing to our minor children when we are not with them at the schools we pay for either with our tax dollars or with our tuition dollars. That is the subject.

Why do they want to talk about blow jobs with my minor child without me there, Scott? Why don’t you do a story on that? He is not interested in that. He wants to talk about the evil ‘ban’ of books like Gender Queer and All Boys Aren’t Blue.

Behind the scenes, Moms for Liberty apparently did give Scott Pelley the books. He refused to put them on the air. Why? Because they’re too disgusting. Because they would probably get censored by the FCC. He chose instead to try to make Moms for Liberty look like a bunch of extremists who didn’t have the facts to back up their arguments about a really serious issue. 

Here’s a little more from Pelley’s voiceover in the interview:

PELLEY: Tiffany Justice read from sexually explicit books written for older teens but found in a few lower schools. Most people wouldn’t want them in a lower school, but, in a tactic of outrage politics, Moms for Liberty takes a kernel of truth and concludes these examples are not rare mistakes but a plot to sexualize children.

That is so dishonest. These are not mistakes. We just pulled a few of the places you can find these books from Libs of TikTok: Cherry Creek Schools in Greenwood Village, Colorado; Fort Worth Independent School District; Maine’s Windham Middle School; middle school in Kimberly Area School District in Wisconsin; Denton, Texas; Los Angeles, California; Illinois middle school; Tulsa public schools.

I could keep going, Scott. How many is a few? That’s just what we found in two minutes of Googling this morning. We’re not 60 Minutes.

‘Put Me On’

Scott, do a Google search. Try reading The New York Post instead of just The New York Times, you might expand your horizons. It’s happening with race, it’s happening with gender, and it’s happening with inappropriate sexual content. All you must do is open your eyes and your ears. Get out of your stupid, myopic media circles for once and think about somebody else’s children. 

This is what’s so frustrating. This is why I was disappointed in the segment. I know that they manipulated Moms for Liberty. I know they weren’t fair to them. So, have me on, Scott Pelley. I dare you. Put me on. I will go on CBS News and we can have it out one on one. Or you come on my show – wherever you want to do it. We’ll have a little re-do, and we’ll do it live so you can’t cut me up. 

But even if they do cut me up, I’m ready for you because you will hear this sh-t in every answer I give. Why is that? Because I have three children who are 14, 12, and 10. I’ve lived this. It’s too important.

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