Megyn Reacts to Joy Reid’s ‘Absurd’ Logic After ‘Moms For Liberty’ Founder Exposes Her Book Ban Spin on MSNBC

Why are we talking about dildos on a Monday? Well, it came up on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show when Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice, to her credit, went on with her on Friday.

The subject was all the ‘evil’ book banning that they’re doing in Florida, thanks in part to people like Gov. Ron DeSantis and people like Tiffany who are pushing to get these books not out of Florida, not out of libraries, not out of Amazon, not out of bookstores, but out of K through 12 school libraries. That’s it. 

It led to, in part, the following exchange between Reid and Justice:

REID: What is the expertise that you have and other Moms for Liberty advocates have to decide that a book– an award winning book like All Boys Aren’t Blue isn’t appropriate for students to read? What is your expertise?

JUSTICE: What a tragic story of a young man who’s anally raped by his adult family member. So you have incest, rape, pedophilia… In what context is a strap-on dildo acceptable for public school? That’s my question for you…

REID: As you are not an expert, in this book–

JUSTICE: I don’t have to be an expert to know that dildos aren’t appropriate for public school–

REID: Hold on. No, no. Hold on a second. One moment. One moment–

JUSTICE: I mean, come on. Let’s get real.  

REID: This book is a full-context story, as you said, of the author’s experience… What is your right to tell a parent who wants their child, who might feel seen by this story– why don’t they have the right, why don’t they have the right as a parent to say, ‘My child can have access to this book.’

JUSTICE: If a child feels seen by the story that means that they have been the victim of a predator, that means that they have either been raped by a family member…

REID: You’re now making assumptions about–

JUSTICE: If a child has been raped, we should do a lot better than put a book on the library shelf.

REID: Now you are literally creating a story behind a child that you don’t know.

The whole thing is so frustrating. Whenever Tiffany scores a point, Joy Reid tries to interrupt her and shut her down. That’s her method of arguing. 

‘What’s your expertise to make the point that a book about strap-on dildos, or pedophilia, or anal rape by a family member doesn’t belong in K through 12 libraries and schools?’ Seriously? There are tons of academic and expert articles and books about the damage done to children and being exposed to content like that too soon. 

Most good parents are pretty vigilant about making sure our children don’t have access to that kind of thing. We put blocks on their phones. We make sure the family computer is in a room where we can see the child. The last thing you want to think is they’re most exposed to stories about anal rape and strap-on dildos (as found in Gender Queer) when you send them to school.

This is absurd. I mean, why do we have ratings on movies then? Why don’t we just let the kids go see everything? Why don’t we just open up the internet to porn or to Only Fans? Let’s put it up for all the students to see. 

Joy Reid’s ‘experts’ are the people who are telling us that we need to have masks on while we’re inside our cars by ourselves. Those are the experts she wants us to listen to, but you don’t need expertise to understand this is damaging to children. School is not the place for this. Anybody with a brain understands that, which is why Joy doesn’t get it. 

I don’t know what Joy Reid thinks is okay content for minors, but it’s not the same as what I think. If she wants to expose her kid to that stuff, she can go right ahead and do it on her own time and her own dime – not on my taxpayer money when my kid might be sitting right next to her kid reading a nice book about love or history.

It’s absurd to pretend it’s a ‘ban’ because you can’t get it in your school library.

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