The Strudwick File: I Spy – Memory Lane Edition

Since so many of you seemed to enjoy the little ‘I Spy’ game we played a few weeks ago, we thought we’d give it another try. This time, we’re calling it I Spy – Memory Lane Edition because if you are a long-time reader of Megyn’s weekly newsletter, you’ll know that there are a few angles to this Strud story that actually take us way back to the inception of The Strudwick File.

Take a look at the photo of Strudwick and his sister Thunder below and see how many shenanigans you can spot.

Got your guesses? Let’s review…

For starters, we have further proof that the bitter apple spray we learned about way back in the third installment of the American News Minute – the one that was supposed to make Strud stop chewing on his sister Thunder’s ears – didn’t exactly solve the problem.

But that’s not all.

Megyn has also chronicled how she has had to find creative ways to keep Strud out of the parts of the house he isn’t supposed to be in. For instance, Strudwick one pulled a Houdini and escaped supervision in the living room to chow down on leftover pizza.

The solution? An armchair barricade. It mostly keeps Strud in the living room – unless, of course, the pull of pepperoni proves to be too powerful.

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