Megyn Reveals New Voicemail That Casts Doubt on Key Testimony in Fani Willis-Nathan Wade Hearing

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

Today’s hearing at Fulton County Superior Court could finally bring us closer to a resolution of the scandal that has rocked former President Donald Trump’s election interference case in Georgia and could end it altogether. 

Attorneys for Trump and his 18 co-defendants have argued at Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade improperly benefited financially from this case and then lied about it under oath. The judge is not expected to rule from the bench today, but the hearing could give us a much better indication on whether or not he will order this pair to be removed and possibly worse.

A New Voicemail

At this point, neither side is able to bring forward additional evidence. But we got our hands on an alleged voicemail that potentially undermines testimony given by Terrence Bradley on Tuesday. Bradley is Wade’s one-time friend, law partner, and divorce lawyer. 

On the stand, he basically said he could not recall the majority of the text messages he and defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant exchanged between September 2023 and January 2024 about Willis and Wade’s romantic relationship. He also said he hadn’t spoken to Wade in years.

This is relevant because of the new information we received. During cross-examination, the defense team was trying to suss out whether Bradley potentially could have been threatened prior to testifying. He was asked directly about the last time he and Wade spoke, to which he answered:

BRADLEY: I haven’t spoke to Mr. Wade personally in a year– two years, actually, when I left the firm…

ATTORNEY: He steered this contract to you, to your office and you weren’t really talking to him? You hadn’t talked to him for two years?

BRADLEY: The contract was in 2021. I didn’t leave until 2022.

ATTORNEY: So, you didn’t talk with him that whole time?

BRADLEY: I left in 2022. I haven’t really spoke to him since 2022 is what I stated.

We’ve come into possession of a voicemail that was left for attorney Ashleigh Merchant from a man who identified himself as a waiter at a restaurant near where all of these folks practice law. Take a listen:

He says he served Bradley, Wade, and Bradley’s attorney Bimal Chopra about five or six weeks ago. Now, it could be a case of mistaken identity. It could be someone who is sympathetic to Trump. We don’t know whether this guy has any biases, but we reached out to him.

This man told us he knows most of the attorneys in the area because they go to this restaurant for lunch. He says he met Nathan Wade about six weeks ago because Wade joined Bradley and Chopra for a meal. The waiter said he introduced himself to Wade because he was the only person at the table he did not know on a first name basis. He said he identified himself as Nathan Wade. Watching the hearing, this man said he was surprised to hear Bradley say he and Wade have not spoken in years.

The Significance

This claim is not going to make it into the dance today because evidence is no longer open. Judge Scott McAfee is, at this point, not receiving evidence. But the information remains interesting. It’s another potential lie from Bradley’s testimony.

Just how close are Terrence Bradley and Nathan Wade? Bradley was definitely trying to sink Wade when he was talking to Ashleigh Merchant via text for months. It wasn’t until he looked scared sh-tless and took the witness stand that he was like, ‘What? No, nothing.’ According to this witness, Bradley and Wade were having lunch together just a month or two ago. So, something changed.

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