‘I Don’t Care What You Call Me’: Megyn Explains Why Parents Need to Fight Back for the Sake of Their Kids

Megyn made her first-ever appearance at CPAC on Friday in Washington, DC, where she sat for a Q&A session with Mercedes Schlapp.

As moms trying to raise children amid today’s ever-growing culture wars, she and Schlapp discussed why parents need to not be afraid to speak up on issues regarding trans ideology, pronouns, social media, higher education, and more.

Below, Megyn offers her perspective on some of the top challenges facing parents today.

On Standing Up to the Trans Agenda

“If you take nothing else away from anything I say tonight, please take this: Fight. You have to. You can’t remain silent to protect your reputation or how people feel about you. Parents need to stand up against this. Your child’s safety and – apart from their safety – their opportunity, the chance of winning, the chance of crossing the finish line first, it’s all in danger if you don’t say anything. 

I know it’s scary. You want to be seen as empathetic and not a bigot, not a transphobe. Eventually, you’ll hopefully get to the point where many of us are, which is: I don’t care what you call me. I couldn’t care less what you think of me when I’m standing up for children’s rights.”

On Preferred Pronouns

“[Your kids are] going to be in a leftist world. It’s a leftist media, leftist sports, leftist corporate America, leftist universities, and so on. You have to inoculate your kids at home by talking about it. We’ve told our kids, ‘Don’t say your pronouns.’ If somebody asks you what your pronouns are, you just say, ‘I’m not comfortable with that.’ You don’t have to do it because some leftist tries to make you.

There was a great piece online that started with the line: ‘Pronouns are Rohypnol. They dull your senses.’ The way the left controls language is to make you behave the way they want you to behave. They say ‘this is racist’ or ‘this is transphobic’ so you won’t do the thing, you won’t say the thing. 

Pronouns are how they get you to bend on gender ideology. They dull your brain to the incongruity of calling a he a she, and they’re doing it intentionally. They want you to get dulled to that fake reality they’re shoving down our throats. You have to resist. You can say, ‘With all due respect, I don’t do that.’ 

And, look, I’ve actually had this conversation with Caitlyn Jenner. If I were sitting across from Caitlyn Jenner, would I intentionally be like, ‘he, he, he’? No, I’m not looking to be a jerk. But I would not say, ‘What’s it like to be a woman?’ No, that’s a lie. 

I do think we need to reject pronouns and the lies of language because otherwise we’re pulled in and part of the problem.”

On Men in Women’s Sports

“Our girls are getting hurt. There was Payton McNabb in North Carolina, who still has injuries – including mental issues, brain issues, and paralysis down her arm – after a male volleyball player posing as a girl spiked the ball so hard in her head that she suffered permanent damage.

There was a girl playing field hockey in Massachusetts just a couple of months ago who got all of her teeth knocked out as a boy pretending to be a girl slammed that field hockey ball hard into her face. 

There were three girls in Lowell, Massachusetts, this week who were hurt playing basketball against a six-foot tall boy pretending to be a girl. That’s the way you should say it. There’s no such thing as ‘trans’ anything. It’s a boy pretending to be a girl who hurt three girls to the point where they had to end the game early and the coach pulled the team. 

Someone is going to die. Find your voice. Fight. It’s not fair, and it’s not safe.”

On Social Media

“In our family, do not allow our children to use social media. Parents must understand that you can give them a phone and they can message. We actually do some YouTube, which I know is technically social media. My daughter watches Dance Moms. But I am talking about TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook – these are not appropriate tools for children…

TikTok, in particular, is a problem because that is really funneling pro-Hamas and pro-bin Laden information. Literally these morons were like, ‘You know, you have to hand it to that bin Laden. He has a point.’ No, you do not have to hand it to bin Laden. You’ve got to actually do some studying, some homework…

I do think keeping them away from social media in their young, formative years and you reinforcing your own values and what’s true is important – as is keeping the right news sources funneling to them, so they are hearing facts that you know are real. Don’t leave Al Jazeera on the TV while you go out for your run.”

On Higher Education

“Back to the inoculation point, I don’t think anybody could do this [radicalization] to my kids. They know. We’ve gotten in early with our children, we’ve shared our values, and we’ve talked to our kids about what is going to be done to them on college campuses…

When they get to the university, they’re going to need to find their spines and their friends… We have to get to young people and make sure they know they’re not alone. You may feel like you’re the only conservative voice on campus, but you’re not…

The only the only plus of the antisemitism that we’ve been seeing on college campuses, the only upside to all of this in the wake of the horrific October 7 attack is that our Jewish friends who were more left leaning and believed the DEI lie, I think, are now seeing the truth, which is that it is pernicious and it’s actually really dangerous.

Whether it’s Black and white or Hispanic and Jew or whatever, it’s not okay to divide us by race or ethnicity. We’re all the same. It’s why I don’t like the Black national anthem. There’s only one National Anthem. We don’t need it by color or by creed.

All of that is important messaging, but the number one thing is to shore up your child before they get there.”

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