‘She Has No One to Blame But Herself’: Megyn Reacts to DA Fani Willis’ Bombshell Testimony

Alyssa Pointer/Pool Photo via AP

I’m live from the Bahamas today because I’m on vacation with my family for the President’s Day holiday, but what’s happening with this Fani Willis and Nathan Wade case was just too amazing to miss. There were massive and explosive developments from the evidentiary hearing yesterday that resumed this morning. Today has been less explosive thus far, though there is still more to come.

At some point, we expect some interesting testimony from Terrence Bradley, Wade’s former law partner, friend, and divorce attorney. He tried to get out of testifying yesterday under threat of violating the subpoena, but appears is expected in court today.

I was en route to the Bahamas yesterday with my headphones in and Wifi on as not to miss a moment of this hearing. I finished the day watching it poolside, which was actually a lovely way to take it in the hearing. To give you my overall impressions, I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

The Testimony

For starters, I found Nathan Wade to be a nice man but a complete liar. I did not believe his testimony on the difficult things at all. Not even a little. 

I did find Robin Yeartie, Fani Willis’ former friend, credible. I thought her simple one word answers actually worked. It was like, ‘I don’t feel the need to convince you or elaborate. I’m a truth teller. I’ll just answer the questions asked.’ 

I know the state is going after her for being disgruntled (she was forced to resign from Willis’ office), but I thought it was interesting that she needed to be dragged in there by subpoena. If I were disgruntled against Fani Willis, I think I’d run to the courthouse to say the bad things about her. I’d probably elaborate on them. I’d probably sound angry talking about what a terrible person she is. 

This woman didn’t do any of that. She was there under protest, but she wasn’t going to lie. That’s how I read it. 

As for Fani Willis, I give her some points for being extremely entertaining. Part of me would really like to see her cross-examine Donald Trump because nobody would miss it. It would have ratings like the Super Bowl. 

In any event, she took the stand and it was a cross between ‘poor me,’ ‘I’ve got the death threats, ‘my daddy,’ and all this humanizing stuff and ‘you a–holes, I’m here to set the place on fire,’ ‘I hate all of you,’ ‘you’re liars.’ That made for a lot of entertaining moments. But I have to admit, I did not believe her on the core points at all. 

Blame Game

My feeling is she was trying to look indignant and sort of violated and tough and in control. My own impression was that she seemed angry. She seemed haughty. It was like, ‘I am above it all. I shouldn’t have to answer questions from you, losers. I’m angry that I’m even sitting here.’

Well, why was she sitting there? Because of her own choices. She has no one to blame but herself. This is not a normal thing. This is not something we’re seeing in any of the other Trump prosecutions. She’s sitting there because she did this. 

By her own admission, she started having an affair with her special prosecutor. They went on several lavish trips all over the United States and beyond. She didn’t disclose it. And it appears very clear to me that her affair partner and special prosecutor, at a minimum, lied under oath in his divorce proceedings. So, we know we’re dealing with a liar. I mean, that’s perjury. 

What Comes Next

To put a point on it: If Judge Scott McAfee believes that Wade and Willis did start the affair prior to 2022, they’re done. They would be getting booted because it means they lied in the affidavit, in the supporting brief, and then yesterday on the stand. This would be the judge saying, ‘I don’t find those denials credible, and I believe Ms. Yeartie. Therefore, not only were you romantically involved when you hired him to work on this case, but then you lied to this court about it.’

If Judge McAfee believes Yeartie, they’re toast. They better call some witnesses to undermine Yeartie today. That would be the smart thing to do if they’ve got it. 

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