So, What Exactly Is Bill Clinton Trying to Tell Us with His Valentine’s Message to Hillary Clinton?

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a chance for partners to profess and celebrate their love for one another with a card or a box of chocolates or a night out. When it comes to public figures, those professions and celebrations are often a bit more, well, public. 

Case in point, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s eyebrow-raising exchange on X and Donald Trump’s ‘love letter’ to Melania Trump… that doubled as a fundraising email to supporters.

On Wednesday’s show, Megyn was joined by The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles to discuss the curious Valentine’s Day messages.

Bill and Hill 4Ever?

Former President Clinton took to X on Wednesday morning to wish his wife of nearly 50 years a happy Valentine’s Day by posting a pair of throwback images – and an interesting message.

“Where did the time go,” he captioned the pics. “There have sure been a lot of Happy Valentines days. Here’s to one more.”

So, is the forty-second president only planning to celebrate one more Valentine’s Day? The former secretary of state either didn’t notice the qualifier or chose to take the whole thing in stride, re-posting her husband’s tweet with the caption “Happy Valentine’s Day to my forever Valentine!”

In Knowles’ view, this was the most benign message Bubba could have shared. “Frankly, of all of the Valentine’s tweets that Bill Clinton could have sent, that’s probably one of the better ones,” he noted. “There is, ‘Honey. Oh, sure, I’m looking forward to dinner later. I have about… Oh, whoops. I didn’t mean to send that to you. Wrong person. Please ignore it.’ That’s pretty sad.”

Trump’s Tactic

Trump made his own headlines by turning a “Valentine’s Day letter” to his wife Melania into a fundraiser. 

Supporters of the 2024 GOP frontrunner who opened their inbox on Wednesday were greeted with an email from the Trump campaign with the subject line “I love you, Melania!” Inside, readers found a note the former president apparently penned to his “beautiful wife”:

Dear Melania,


Even after every single INDICTMENT, ARREST, and WITCH HUNT, you never left my side. 

You’ve always supported me through everything. 

I wouldn’t be the man I am today without your guidance, kindness, and warmth. 

You will always mean the world to me, Melania! 

From your husband with love, 

Donald J. Trump

The email then encouraged readers to “please leave some kind words for the First Lady this Valentine’s Day!” by clicking on a button that redirected to a fundraising page. 

Once there, donors could leave a “personalized message” for the former first lady while choosing from suggested contributions ranging from $20.24 to $3,300. The page said it was seeking 100,000 donations.

Megyn joked that the email gave her a “warm and fuzzy on the inside,” and Knowles was similarly moved. “I think Trump’s is better than both Bill and Hillary – it’s right up there with Shakespeare’s Sonnet 118,” he quipped. “It’s getting my heart to go pitter patter.”

In fact, Knowles said he might borrow Trump’s approach. “Maybe that’s the same one that I’ll send to my wife Alissa tonight, ‘Dear honey, even with all of the haters and the losers coming after me, you’ve stood by me. Please give me some money. I love you,’” he cracked. “For the modern age, there’s something really charming about that.”

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