Megyn Details Her Christmas Break in Montana… and the Latest Dog Drama with Strudwick

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday season with your family and your friends. Ideally, you got some rest and relaxation like we did. We were in Montana for the full two weeks. 

I will tell you, we had a wonderful Christmas with our kids. We brought the dogs – Thunder and Strudwick – as we did last year this year. But we did not give Strud the tranquilizer before getting on the plane, which led to a flatulence-free trip. He actually behaved during the flight ride as well, so it was a lot more pleasant for all involved. Unfortunately, things didn’t exactly go as smoothly once we got out there.

Paging Poison Control

I studiously avoid leaving out anything Strud can eat when I don’t have eyes on him. But alas, he’s fast. He’s very fast.

Santa brought Strudwick and Thunder the bones you give dogs for fresh breath. I’m not going to lie, he did have bad breath. So, I gave him and Thunder each one. I then put the rest of the package on the counter. I should know better than anyone that is not enough. You have to put things up high – really high – so they are out of reach.

Next thing I knew, I was asking “where’s Strud?” If you are a regular reader of The Strudwick File, you know that it’s never good when you have to ask that question. I went looking for him and found the entire bag of fresh breath treats almost gone. 

When I opened the bag and read the directions that morning, it explicitly said “maximum one per day.” He had eaten about 22. So, I speed dialed poison control – which is number one on the speed dial for me – and they said to try the thing that I’ve done many times with Strudwick. He had to have a little hydrogen peroxide mixed with some yogurt.

That led to a rather unpleasant 48 hours, but, all things considered, it could have been a lot worse.

Souped Up Strud

That wasn’t all though. I got Doug a miniature Diesel engine replica for Christmas as a nod to his book, The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel. Strud tried to eat that, too.

The box has seen better days. Fortunately, ‘powered by Diesel’ really means something because that turned out to be the one thing he could not destroy – try as he might.

Clearly, Strud has gotten a little too used to the reward of those Amazon boxes in front of our house at home that he likes to open.

Biblical Proportions

Other than that, we continued our annual tradition of a costume night. We pick a theme every year. We’ve done Willy Wonka, Gilligan’s Island, Cobra Kai, superheroes. You name it, we’ve done it. 

This year, we did The Ten Commandments. It was amazing. The outfits were so fun. We watch The Ten Commandments every year around Easter. It’s sort of a holiday thing for us, so it tied into Christmas.

According to Bari Weiss, Doug and I made some excellent Israelites as Moses and his wife Zipporah. Between us and the kids, we had the whole cast and crew. God bless our friends in Israel and my Jewish friends. We gave it our best.

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