The Strudwick File: Strud Cuts a Rug, Part II

Strudwick often leaves us scratching our heads. For instance, what led him to steal Yates’ new sneakers, dismember a pufferfish pumpkin, destroy an emoji pillow, or any of the other shenanigans he treated us to this year? Even so, we usually can somewhat rationalize what may have happened. Not this time.

Megyn went into her living room the other day to discover her rug in disarray:

She had but two words to describe her findings: “No idea.”

We’ll never know exactly what went down in the living room, but we’ve decided to take a few educated guesses based on what we know about Strudwick:

  • Strud wanted to do a little redecorating
  • Strudwick and his sister Thunder had a spirited dance party
  • Strud thought he lost something under the rug
  • Strudwick was getting his cardio in by doing laps around the living room
  • Strud simply had too much energy and took it out on the rug

Let’s be honest, it’s likely the last one. We’re holding out hope, however, that he and Thunder were having a good time – literally and figuratively – cutting a rug.

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