Megyn Reveals Big News About Her Husband Doug’s Book ‘The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel’

I want to share some exciting news. You may remember when my husband, Doug Brunt, came on The Megyn Kelly Show in September (episode 630) to talk about his new non-fiction book, The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel. Diesel is the guy who invented the Diesel engine that requires Diesel gasoline. You see his name every day when you fill up your gas tank, but you probably know very little about him. 

Well, guess what? Diesel is crushing it. I’m super proud of Doug, and I’m super grateful to all of you because I know a ton of you went out and bought his book. We could see the Amazon rankings go way up after he came on and he was so thankful, but I’ve also received emails from so many of you about how much you’ve enjoyed reading it. 

So, here’s just a bit of what’s happened with Diesel since Doug came on. The book made The New York Times bestseller list repeatedly. It was just named one of Apple’s top 20 books of the year, which is a high honor. It also made the Audible list

It received rave reviews from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and had a ‘starred review’ in Publishers Weekly. It’s been called “the greatest caper of the 20th century,” “equal parts Walter Isaacson and Sherlock Holmes,” “a superb biography and indispensable book.”

But that’s not all. I am happy to tell you that Doug has now sold the book to film rights for The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel. It looks like Diesel is on its way to potentially becoming a movie. You know Hollywood – it takes like 20 ‘yeses’ before anything actually happens. But the first round went well, and the rights were in much demand. It was super fun to see. 

The reason I’m mentioning this today is to thank you and to say that your efforts in supporting The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel have worked. It’s been doing really well. As we go into the holiday season, it really does make a great gift. If you’re wondering what to get mom or dad or nan or pop or an uncle or a friend or your boss, it’s a great book because you learn a lot about history but it reads like a thriller. It’s a mystery that Doug has solved. 

So, all the best to all of you and all the best to Dugger. Go Diesel!

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