Ep. 630 The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel’s Life and Death and How Reading and Writing Helps You Think, with Doug Brunt

Megyn is joined by Doug Brunt, best-selling author of the new book The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel, to discuss the mystery at the center of his book, a brief synopsis of who Rudolf Diesel is and his impact on our world today, whether Diesel committed suicide or was murdered, the suspects for who could have murdered Diesel, how authorities identified his body, the devastating impact of his death, his legacy today, the difference between writing and selling a fiction vs. non-fiction book, the support and feedback from peers (and Megyn), Meryl Gordon’s book Mrs. Astor Regrets and her disappointment over Anderson Cooper referencing her work throughout his new book, the ethics of citing sources vs. doing your own book research, Doug’s life growing up, the different personalities of their kids, where his love of books came from, and more.