Wait, Why Does Newt Gingrich’s Phone Background Feature Snooki from ‘Jersey Shore’?!

Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

In one of the more unusual guest lineups The Megyn Kelly Show has ever seen, Friday’s program featured both former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino of Jersey Shore fame.

What’s even more surprising is the unexpected connection Gingrich has to one of Sorrentino’s reality show cast mates, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. On Friday’s show, the March to the Majority author shared why a picture of Snooki is the background of his phone.

When the Speaker Met Snooki

Back in July 2012, both Gingrich and Polizzi were guests on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The former Republican presidential candidate was on to talk about the GOP primary, while the reality star was promoting her Jersey Shore spin-off series Snooki & Jwoww.

After Gingrich congratulated her on being a bestselling author, Polizzi shared that his success was an inspiration to her. “I’m trying to be like you,” she quipped. For his part, Gingrich said wouldn’t mind dropping by the Jersey Shore house to “hang out.” 

Polizzi was all for it. “That’d be awesome. You could drink ‘Ron-Ron’ juice,” she said, a reference to one of the show’s famous – or is it infamous? – beverages. After the interview, the reality star tweeted about how much she enjoyed meeting the former GOP leader and his “sexy wife” Callista.

Phone a Friend

Gingrich clearly has fond memories of the encounter, too, because he revealed to Megyn that a picture from that day is actually the background of his phone. He flashed his screen, which showed him alongside his wife and Polizzi. Gingrich said that Leno took the photo. 

He said he had never had a reason to share that fun fact about his phone with anyone before, but the situation (see what we did there?) called for it. “It was a fun moment,” he said.

You can check out Megyn’s full interview with Gingrich and Sorrentino by tuning in to episode 678 on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you like to listen. And don’t forget that you can catch The Megyn Kelly Show live on SiriusXM’s Triumph (channel 111) weekdays from 12pm to 2pm ET.