Megyn Reveals She Is Making Her Acting Debut in a New Daily Wire Scripted Series

Earlier this year, Megyn teased that she had to join SAG-AFTRA for a secret upcoming project. Well, we now know what she’s been working on.

The Daily Wire just announced its first-ever adult animated scripted series, Mr Birchum, and the cast features none other than Megyn. On Thursday’s program, she was joined by Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing to discuss the show and share behind-the-scenes insights.

Meet Mr Birchum

Mr Birchum is an adult animated series created by comedian Adam Carolla that is based on the junior high wood shop teacher he popularized on KROQ radio and Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers.

The show’s voice cast features Carolla as Mr. Birchum and Megyn as his wife Wendi, plus Roseanne Barr, Kyle Dunnigan, Candace Owens, and more. According to the press release, “Mr. Birchum attempts to navigate a world he doesn’t understand or approve of. He’s befuddled by his gaming streamer son, Eddie, annoyed at his selfie-taking, snowflake students and is constantly at war with the school district’s appointed ‘J.E.D.I.’ (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion officer)” in the animated update.

The series, which debuts on DailyWire+ in early 2024, will be The Daily Wire’s first animated comedy. It comes on the heels of the premiere of the media company’s new feature-length film Lady Ballers – a comedy about the ‘trans’-formation of women’s sports.

Megyn’s Star Turn

Megyn said she has been working on the show for about a year now but wasn’t sure what to expect when she was first approached. “I love The Daily Wire and I love Adam Carolla, so I agreed to do this,” she shared. “But I told him… ‘I’m not an actress,’ and he said, ‘You’ll be fine.'” 

Boreing admitted he was surprised to learn she had signed on. “You know all I want in life is for you to be on The Daily Wire, and I would take any opportunity in the world to get you on The Daily Wire,” he said. “But it was in no way my idea to put you in Mr Birchum – that stroke of genius came directly from Adam Carolla when he was giving us his dream list of cast.”

Megyn said she “laughed so hard” when she first read the scripts and has learned a lot throughout the process. “I work with the whole team… and the guys are so great because they’ll give me the line, and then I’ll say it wrong, and then they’ll just tell me exactly how to say it, and I’ll say it just like that,” she explained. “So, I can imitate.”

There was, however, one scene that proved to be a little out of Megyn’s depth. “You have to do funny sounds when you’re doing animation, and… they wanted me to make a playful, flirtatious laugh,” she recalled. “It’s not in my repertoire… I have a mocking laugh, I have a sultry laugh, but I don’t have a playful, flirtatious laugh.”

Ultimately, the scene needed an update. “I’m just not that person,” she lamented. “They had to rewrite the scene for me because of that deficiency.”

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