The Strudwick File: A Pre-Thanksgiving Feast

We know Strudwick has been on more of a feeding frenzy than usual lately (you can get caught up on that saga here), and he is showing no signs of slowing down.

Earlier this week, Megyn returned home from driving her kids to school to discover Strudwick chowing down on a pre-Thanksgiving feast. “Got back from school drop off only to learn that Strud had raided the pantry,” she shared. His menu ran the gamut: “Goldfish, a box of Triscuits, oatmeal, and I have no idea what else,” she added.

To that point, there were a worryingly large amount of empty plastic bags strewn across the living room.

We have to say though, Strud at least looked a wee bit remorseful for this transgression.

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