The Strudwick File: Hunger Games

In the wake of Strudwick’s recent Halloween horror story that resulted in him needing an endoscopy to search for a stomach obstruction, Megyn has been trying to get Strud to eat a little healthier. Let’s just say the new food plan seems to be having some unintended consequences.

Megyn let Strudwick outside to relieve himself earlier this week. Rather than coming right back to the door like he is supposed to, Strud was, in Megyn’s words, “taking too long.” That is “never a good sign,” she added. It didn’t take long for her to see what distracted Strudwick.

“I went out the front door to find Amazon boxes. One was open and… totally empty,” she explained. “There I found him, on the side yard, eating the missing Amazon box – which had been inside the other box – and having so much fun with the new napkin holders for Thanksgiving. He loved his new toys!”

Now, we know Strudwick loves to intercept packages (we have but a few examples of that here, here, and here), but Megyn thinks this recent robbery is the result of something else. “We put him on a diet, and I am convinced he is voraciously hungry and will destroy everything in his path until he’s satiated,” she noted.

Case in point: The great rice raid of 2023. Strud somehow got his paws on an unopened bag of rice. It was the size that could have lasted Megyn’s family of five a few months, but the ever-hungry Strudwick decided to try it all in one sitting.

What happens to uncooked rice when you ingest it? It expands in your stomach, which Strudwick learned the hard way. We’ve blurred the ‘after’ for those of you who are queasy, but you get the idea. “Sorry for the TMI, but Strud took the rice,” Megyn shared. “And gave back the rice, too.”

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