‘Get Out’: Megyn Has a Message for Anti-Israel Protesters Ripping Down American Flags

AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali

Since we last spoke on Friday, it really feels like our sense of humanity is being worn out of city by city, day after day. Domestically and abroad, we’ve witnessed a wave of antisemitism that shocks the conscience. The amount of incoming can feel overwhelming, so I’m going to break it down to two of the biggest demonstrations that we saw over the weekend.

Anti-Israel Protests in NYC

New York City has the largest Jewish population of any place outside of Israel. And yet, there was a protest on Friday night that promised to “flood Manhattan for Gaza.” It started at Columbus Circle near Central Park. There, the crowd had this message for an upset supporter of Israel as she sought comfort from police: “Cry, bitch. Cry.”

From there, protesters marched to The New York Times building in midtown, vandalizing it with fake blood. That comes on the heels of the weird sit-in they had last week. They also decided it might be fun to curse out The Daily News reporter outside of the building. Seems like a nice group, doesn’t it? 

No one and nothing, it would seem, was safe from their fury. Not the baristas at Starbucks, who were told, “You make drinks for genocide.” Not the Israeli flag, which of course was burned. One chant heard Friday night: “It is right to rebel. Israel go to hell.” I’m sorry, but you have to mock these people. Who sits around saying I’ll come up with just the perfect rhyme so that we can condemn the Jews and call for them to die?

The American flag is not off limits either. They love to burn it and take it down in favor of the Palestinian flag. Near a sign that read “UN Way,” a man ripped down U.S. and U.N. flags in favor of Palestinian ones much to the jubilation of the crowd. It’s lovely to watch. 

Screw them. If you don’t like America, get out. You don’t want to be here, and we don’t want you here. It’s perfect. Go home. Half these people are chanting in Arabic about this country that they’ve clearly chosen, but it’s not good enough for them. Get out. We don’t need you here. 

If all this not is not enough, the protesters also forced New York City’s Grand Central train station to shut down. Now it’s on. You want to put it on flags? It pisses us off, but whatever. You want to shut down Grand Central and stop people from getting home on time? It’s on. They kicked the doors while cops were locked inside. Only a few were even arrested.

Protests Abroad

Anti-Israel protesters also took to the streets across the globe over the weekend in Cape Town, Barcelona, Brussels, and London just to name a few. London saw its biggest rally since the Israel-Hamas war began. It took place on the very weekend that Britain honors its war dead. Leaders had asked them not to protest on such a solemn day. You won’t be surprised to learn they did it anyway. 

An estimated 300,000 took to the streets of the British capitol. Here’s an interesting fact for you: The group said they had 850,000 people. The cops said they had 300,000. So, both here and in Palestine, they like to overstate the numbers. Seeing a pattern there? Police are now trying to identify a number of them for hate crimes and abuse. 

In one video, a woman with an accent yells, “Killers. Death to all the Jews”:  

If she could say it in a way that didn’t require such translation, it would be far more effective. She should work on that. If they could make their Jewish death threats absolutely clear, I think it might reach more people. Or just stay in your native language – those are the people you’re trying to convince anyway.

Police also want to find two men who were wearing what appear to be Hamas-style headbands. And then there was the woman carrying a sign that shows the Jewish Star of David wrapped around a Nazi swastika with the slogan, “No British politician should be a friend of Israel.” Got it? Don’t you dare support the Jews who were attacked by the terrorists.


Now there were some counter-protests. One man was attacked for holding up a sign that equated Hamas with ISIS. Chants of “England til I die” were also heard among the counter-protesters. The media also really, really wants you to know that there were “far-right protesters” among the counter-protesters who battled with police. In one scene, a protester was seen shouting in officers’ faces. The crowd told the police, “You’re not English anymore.” 

The police, as you may remember, have been seen in videos tearing down the hostage posters because they say they’re disruptive. There’s some animosity growing against them as a result. The police say that they arrested more than 100 people, the majority of whom were “right-wing protesters.”

A Bright Spot in Paris

And yet across the English Channel, there was a glimmer of light in the City of Light for Jews. More than 100,000 people took to the streets of Paris on Sunday to march against antisemitism. Good for them. Finally.

Some of you have written in and said that Jews have been persecuted for 2,000 years, which is why their instincts are not to rush to the streets and make a spectacle. They are under threat, and they’re not really feeling too bold about going out in the streets right now. But they did it in Paris. God bless them.

Do it. Do more of it. There is safety in numbers. 

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