‘I’m Very Excited for This’: Megyn Announces She Will Be a Moderator of the Next GOP Primary Debate

Saved the date! Wednesday, December 6 is the next GOP presidential debate and I’m happy to tell you that I will be returning to the debate moderator chair that evening, alongside NewsNation’s Elizabeth Vargas and The Washington Free Beacon’s Eliana Johnson. 

The three of us together will take on these candidates and try to shed some light on what differentiates them. NewsNation is the host of the debate, so you can watch it live there or listen on SiriusXM. The big event will take place in Tuscaloosa, AL. 

NewsNation is this new, up-and-coming cable news channel that is trying to be in the middle, and it’s an ambitious undertaking. It’s very hard to do that in today’s news environment, but they are trying. So, you’ve got them – they haven’t planted a flag as righties or lefties – and then you’ve got me and Eliana. Both of us are sort of outside the legacy media lane.

When I left NBC, I did not anticipate I would be rejoining the ranks of presidential debate moderators because, historically, these debates have always gone to Fox, CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS. That’s it. I’m very excited for this because I wanted to get back in there, and I know I can ask questions from the angle that is most interesting to the people who are going to make the decisions about these candidates.

As you know, it’s been frustrating for me to watch some of the earlier debates this season. I think it’s the way a pitcher must feel when he or she watches somebody else pitch – like you can appreciate their style, but you might do it your own way. Your way is kind of how you want to see it. Not to take anything away from all the debate moderators, but I’m excited to get back out there. 

I love Eliana and I don’t know Elizabeth Vargas well, but I’m excited to spend time with her. She and I had children at a school together for a while, and I’ve always admired her work. She’s always been very cool and very fun to watch. The three of us are already neck-deep in prep. It’s been fun so far, and it’s going to be even more fun for you on December 6 – don’t forget!