Megyn Details the ‘Holocaust Denial-Like Phenomenon’ in the U.S. and Abroad to Downplay Hamas’ Atrocities in Israel

It’s Monday, October 23, more than two weeks now after the horrific October 7 terror attack on Israel and there are still people loudly and proudly denying or downplaying the atrocities committed by Hamas. They want to change the subject. They want to nitpick the truth. We cannot let this happen. 

New Footage Released

This morning in Israel, authorities showed more than 100 international journalists raw footage of Hamas’ massacre in an effort to counter what they say has become a “Holocaust denial-like phenomenon” that we are seeing play out in America and throughout the world. The footage came from body cams worn by Hamas terrorists themselves, some dash cams of innocent civilians who had been targeted, and so on.

One Middle East correspondent, Jotam Confino, detailed some of what he saw in a thread on X (formerly known as Twitter): A Hamas terrorist screaming “Allahu Akbar” when he tries to behead a man with a shovel, who was writhing on the ground; Hamas terrorists entering one home where a young girl was hiding under a table – she was estimated to be between seven and nine years old – and then watching them shoot and kill her; footage of dead babies and children burned beyond recognition.

Just a small portion of the 43 minutes of tape has been approved for release so far, though we expect that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) will be releasing the entire thing publicly at some point. In one video, an unsuspecting driver comes under a hail of bullets from Hamas terrorists who are dressed like IDF soldiers. This is just a small portion. There will be plenty more.

Meanwhile, Fox News’ Trey Yingst – who has been doing a great job over there – described what one Hamas terrorist told Israeli forces who captured him:

“In the video, you see a Hamas militant. He is in a white cloth jumpsuit sitting across from an Israeli interrogator. That interrogator is asking him questions… He describes the preparation and coordination for this assault on southern Israel. He talks about a telegram group that Hamas fighters had. They were communicating as the massacre took place, sending videos as they got them, as they were killing civilians in their homes. 

And this interrogator asks him about Islam and he acknowledges that, in the religion, you are told not to kill women, children, and elderly people. But he describes what Hamas commanders told them to do. He says that commanders said they could do whatever they felt like doing and that this was a suicide mission, telling them they should not plan on coming back… He says commanders told them to step on the heads of civilians to behead them and do whatever they felt like. 

He went on to talk about how Hamas and ISIS are being compared. The interrogator asked him about this comparison. And he agreed. He said, ‘We burned, we slaughtered and beheaded people’… And this interrogator was pushing this Hamas fighter and this militant to get more information from him and he said, ‘We became animals, things that humans do not do.'”

– Trey Yingst, Fox News

Yingst reported some of what he saw as too graphic and horrific to even describe on air.

‘What the Actual Eff?’

In another effort to counter the denials that we are seeing or the dismissals, in so many cases, a group of forensic pathologists who examined bodies of the victims in Israel went public over the weekend, saying they have seen “many bodies, including those of babies without heads.”

Countering one of the most pervasive elements of the denials happening now, they said it was “difficult to ascertain whether the victims were decapitated before or after death,” as well as “if they were beheaded with a knife or simply had their heads shot off by rocket propelled grenades.” 

This is the level they’ve been forced to reduce themselves to. They’ve been forced to reduce themselves to this because people want to continue pushing back on, ‘Well, decapitated babies? Were they? Was the point to decapitate them or was it incidental postmortem?’ What the actual eff? And yet the reality of what happened has been well documented now. The Israelis have been forced to walk us through every last horrific detail.

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