Megyn Reacts to the Attacks and Horrors We’ve Already Seen on Hamas’ So-Called ‘Day of Rage’

AP Photo/Hussein Malla

The world is on edge and America is on alert as Hamas’ call for a ‘Day of Rage’ appears to be living up to its name. Here at home, authorities have increased police presence around Jewish schools and synagogues. In New York, the NYPD has ordered all officers to report to work today. 

Violence Abroad

In northern France, a suspected terror attack at a school has already left one teacher dead and several others critically wounded. They were stabbed. We are told the suspect, a man in his early twenties of Chechen origin, reportedly shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he unleashed his deadly knife attack. We’re seeing reports that he is a former student at that school and, years ago, staffers voiced concern that he had been radicalized. His younger brother, coincidentally, has also been detained.

Some 5,000 miles away in Beijing, another attack was caught on video. In it, you see a man who works at the Israeli embassy being stabbed. Blood was visible all over the sidewalk. It is unclear what transpired before this attack, but you see a hate-filled man ready to plunge the knife. The victim, amazingly, is in stable condition. The suspect has been arrested. We don’t know much about him, but reports suggest he is not Chinese. 

Elsewhere, we’re seeing an absolute lack of regard for the innocent lives that have been destroyed. In London yesterday, women were caught on video tearing down posters of Israeli victims, furious that anyone would dare to call attention to those who have been kidnapped by terrorists. We know those who have been kidnapped include women and young children. This is disgusting.

Protests on College Campuses

Back in the U.S., many young people are showing where their allegiance lies on campus after campus – and it’s not with the Israelis. Chants of ‘There is only one solution! Intifada! Revolution!,’ ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,’ and ‘F-ck Israel’ are commonplace at college protests across the country. 

Video from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, shows students saying, “They’ve got tanks, we’ve got hang gliders. Glory to the resistance fighters.” So, it’s a ‘we’ now. You want to be a ‘we’ with the ones who are murdering babies? Okay, got it. Noted. Can’t wait until you submit your resume to my company or the company of any self-respecting lover of humanity. Hang gliders, of course, were used by Hamas terrorists – not fighters – to carry out this past Saturday’s deadly attack. 

‘Dehumanizing’ Situations

The hate spewed on our college campuses is proving too much to bear for some. A Jewish student at the University of Washington was filmed begging a person who appears to be a school administrator to intervene. “They want our people dead,” she says through tears. “Please end it. Please.”

Just think about what’s been happening lately on college campuses. For anything and everything, you have people saying, ‘I feel dehumanized.’ Like, ‘I’m dehumanized by your Halloween costume.’ This is what we hear. People get fired for it. There is over-the-top reaction. 

This woman just had her people attacked in a massive terrorist attack in Israel. People who look like her, who share her faith were brutally cut down at age 20, at age two and she’s got to look at people who are sympathizing with the murderers two feet from her on a college campus. I’m not saying that our free speech laws don’t allow it. But my point is, this actually is a ‘dehumanizing’ situation. This actually is a situation in which she might truly feel ‘unsafe.’ 

Those words have been perpetuated on every college campus for the stupidest non-existent slights, but when it’s an actual Jewish woman afraid of the pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas people right next to her chanting things like ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ – which means no more Israel – it’s, ‘Sorry. Oh well, you’re good.’

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