Megyn Lays Out Her Plan to Fix Higher Education by Building Up and Supporting Non-Woke Colleges

AP Photo/Michael Casey

Some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in America have been in the news for all the wrong reasons this week in the wake of the Hamas terror attacks in Israel – and it appears as though America’s top companies are taking notice.

After 31 student groups at Harvard signed a letter blaming Israel for the terrorism, hedge fund manager Bill Ackman shared that CEOs of major corporations were looking for lists of the students in those organizations to ensure they aren’t hired in the future. Meanwhile, the president of the student bar association at NYU, Ryna Workman, actually had a job offer rescinded from Winston & Strawn after her statement that “Israel bears full responsibility for this tremendous loss of life” went viral.

All of this got Megyn thinking about the mismatch between the reputation of ivy league schools in the U.S. and the quality of the students graduating from them. What if there was a way to funnel top talent from non-woke colleges to top firms? On Thursday’s show, Megyn discussed her idea for a new talent “funnel” with the hosts of Ruthless – Comfortably Smug, Michael Duncan, and John Ashbrook.

A New ‘Top Tier’

As it stands right now, the so-called ‘top-tier’ colleges and universities in the U.S. act as a talent funnel of sorts for some of the largest and most prestigious corporations. Given the woke ideology that has permeated these campuses, Megyn said it is time for that to change. “I want to start an organization for students who don’t go to these schools,” she shared. “[I want to] find the universities – they don’t have to be right wing – that are just still reasonable and actually do promote free speech and don’t hire terrorist sympathizers.”

She pointed to the University of Florida under its new president, former Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), as one option. “He just put out the perfect letter responding to the violence in Israel against the Israelis,” Megyn shared. “It’s not hard – read his letter and then do that, university professors.” She said the University of Chicago is another example. “They’re not as great as they used to be, but they’re better on free speech,” she noted.

While the list of schools needs to be fleshed out, Megyn said the goal will be to encourage parents to eschew the current crop of so-called ‘top’ colleges in favor of these other institutions. “Don’t go to Harvard, don’t go to Berkeley, don’t go to Columbia, don’t go to these schools that are foisting this stuff on your kids and trying to indoctrinate them in leftist ideology – hateful, leftist ideology,” she explained. “Go to these other schools.”

Megyn’s New Funnel

Once students are there, Megyn’s organization would help to connect them to job opportunities. “We become a funnel for the students who are at these allegedly ‘second tier’ but actually ‘first tier’ universities to the Apollos of the world, to the Winston & Strawns of the world, to all these global firms that are normal but have been sucked in by the ‘oh, they have to come from Harvard,’” she shared.  

Megyn believes these companies are realizing that ivy league graduates are not what they once were and employing them is “a nightmare.” That’s where she sees the opportunity. “We help them,” Megyn concluded. “We need some sort of a funnel that makes it okay for these students to reject these a–hole schools and go to a school that is not going to indoctrinate them and know that they have an Apollo waiting for them on the other side.”

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