‘It Cannot Be Ignored’: Megyn Describes the ‘Horrifying’ Stories Coming Out of Israel After the Hamas Terror Attack

AP Photo/Francisco Seco

As the story out of Israel and Gaza gets worse by the minute, the news is incredibly difficult to report. It’s just about as bad as it can get. I don’t remember ever giving a reader warning just to report the news, but I have to give you one today. This is the most disturbing news I could offer. The stories are absolutely horrifying. We are seeing evil incarnate in the aftermath of the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, and there’s no way through it but to make sure people know what Hamas is doing.  

In the coming days and weeks, you’re going to start to hear that Israel needs to back off, that its response is disproportionate, that it’s doing too much, that it’s not taking enough care of innocent civilians. Because of that, you must hear what was done to the Israelis.

‘This Is as Brutal as It Comes’

Israel does its best to not target civilians. That’s its entire mission. It goes the extra mile every time to avoid hitting civilians, and yet this entire attack Hamas just unleashed on Israel is about civilians. They have managed to get a few military-aged men as well, but they seem to be intentionally targeting the most innocent and vulnerable among us. 

The Jerusalem Post editor-in-chief Avi Mayer is reporting a woman was found murdered with her fetus next to her. The baby was still attached to the umbilical cord. This child did not even get the chance to live. An elderly woman was found in a pool of blood, her body riddled with bullet holes. They seemed to enjoy killing the elderly women. There are multiple reports like that one. Entire families were found burned to death inside their homes. 

And then there’s this report. I warn you, this is as brutal as it comes. Near the Israel-Gaza border, 40 babies were murdered – some of them even decapitated – in a kibbutz. Forgive me for reporting the darkness. There are no words that can capture the evil that must exist in a person’s heart to be capable of doing something like that. 

The stories that we brought you yesterday and today are incredibly difficult to hear. In one video, terrorists are seen sneaking up on a car and shooting the people inside at point blank range. This allowed the terrorists to gain access to a gated compound. There’s absolutely no respect for human life. 

Another shows Hamas stalking homes, going door to door in a farming community near the Gaza border. Just 1,000 people call this area home and 100 of them are now dead. Think of it, a tenth of the community wiped out in the blink of an eye. This attack happened around the same time as that music festival massacre we reported on that, according to Tablet Magazine, left more than 260 people dead. Most of them were vibrant, beautiful young people just starting out in life.

The Dead and Missing

As it stands now, more than 1,000 people have been killed in Israel that we know of. I’m sure that number is going to climb. There have been many, many more wounded. And then there are the hostages. Estimates range from 100 to 150 people being held captive by these terrorists who are now threatening to kill them and to release video of the executions on social media should the aerial attacks by Israel continue. We believe some number of those hostages are Americans who had been in Israel when this attack was unleashed. 

In the meantime, Hamas’ actions have created a hell on earth for those in areas of Gaza. As Israel unleashes an all out effort to “obliterate Hamas terrorists capabilities,” reporting suggests 765 people have been killed inside Gaza. Israel has urged civilians there to leave their homes immediately, but Hamas, at least in conflicts past, doesn’t let the civilians leave. They want the civilians to be hurt. They have shut down all crossings, potentially setting the stage for a ground invasion. It will have to be. How else could Israel get its hostages back if they don’t conduct a ground invasion?

‘We Can’t Ignore What’s Happening’

On The Megyn Kelly Show, I always try to keep things at a level where you can hear the news and still function in your day. One of the things we pride ourselves on is not getting too incredibly dark. I have to admit, it’s been hard. I’m feeling it, and I’m sure you’re feeling it too in the wake of this news that we cannot ignore, that we can only fully appreciate if we actually do look at it as the Israelis have been forced to. They’re our closest ally in the Middle East. We can’t ignore what’s happening to them. 

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