Los Angeles Elementary Schools Are Celebrating ‘National Coming Out Day’ Next Week with LGBTQ+ Lesson Plans

Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

Pride Month may be in June but so-called ‘National Coming Out Day’ is next week to coincide with LGBTQ History Month in October. Based on the contents of a leaked “toolkit” for teachers, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) appears to be gearing up to celebrate the occasion with children as young as five.

On Friday’s show, Megyn was joined by Miriam Grossman, MD, a practicing psychiatrist and author of Lost in Trans Nation, to discuss the gender ideology-themed lesson plans for LAUSD elementary school students and why it is “evil.”

Leaked LGBTQ+ Lesson Plans

City Journal broke the story of what the LAUSD has in store for turning ‘National Coming Out Day’ on October 11 into a week of gender-based lesson plans from October 9 to October 13 when contributor Heather Mac Donald was leaked a copy of the district’s “Week of Action Toolkit – Elementary” by a concerned educator.

The 11-page slide deck features a Black Power Fist superimposed over a neon rainbow and claims to have been “created to provide educators a variety of sample lesson plans [and] activities in adherence with the California FAIR Education Act.” The legislation requires schools to include “factual lessons about social movements, current events, and history of people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBT people” in their coursework.

In this particular case, the “toolkit” encourages teachers to assign students as young as five years old art projects that will help them “think critically about identity and intersectionality” and introduce them to “important” LGBTQ+ advocates like trans reality star Jazz Jennings and trans actor Elliot Page. The deck also includes a sample “allyship pledge” that students can sign at the end of the week. 

Educators can adopt the suggested lesson plans for students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade, and the deck offers “additional resources” from the Human Rights Campaign and Gender Nation.

‘The Is Evil’

In Dr. Grossman’s view, there is only one way to describe what is going on in LAUSD and school districts around the U.S. “This is a crusade, and they will stop at nothing,” she said. “I know that people don’t expect me to say this as a doctor, but this is evil. It’s just plain evil.”

While these types of educational materials try to paint gender identity as a nuanced spectrum that is unique to individuals, Dr. Grossman said it is a “black and white” issue that parents must educate their children on before they hear it somewhere else. “Parents have to reach their child early with the message that, yes, we are all either boys or girls and we are either a boy or girl from the first moment that we ever existed,” she explained. “We are not Legos and we are not Mr. Potato Heads that can be improperly assembled.”

Rather than allow kids to be, in her words, “lured down a dangerous path,” Dr. Grossman encouraged parents to learn how to talk about these topics. Her book offers tips and resources, but there are also some fundamental truths that she believes must be conveyed as early as possible.

“We want our children to understand that [gender is] permanent, and it is wonderful, and there are all different kinds of boys and different kinds of girls,” she emphasized. “If you don’t fit in with the stereotypical behaviors and interests, that’s fine. Everyone is a mosaic and we have to celebrate that mosaic of male and female without harming the body.”

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